Welcome aboard, Arias!

-Ghost- he just goes around flaming because working for xialza makes him “cool” so now he thinks he can go around doing that and it will be fine.Same with the playerworlds he goes around acting likes he owns the place.

lol his funny,hahaha your funny, lol his funny

your pretty funny to various

Sir your going to have to leave the premesis.

sir your gunna have to stfu coz ive fucking had enough of you and if you dont I might just get another infraction for my hardcore flaming so stop it!

Ive released my trap card :D.

Tricxta, Calebponessa, shut the fuck up before I get Spooon to ban you guys. I am sick and tired of hearing you two on these forums (Look who’s talking haha)

Welcome Arias, Maloria was the shit.

Corpsman up! Ooh Rah!

Omg, someone posts that on the Numen steam thread and now you use it like mad.

This went off topic fast.

Erbody say Welcome!

Get used to it. It happens to every topic. Mostly by me and a few other members.

Nuff said yo

That’s also overused.
Unsuccessful troll is unsuccessful.

Yet again, nuff said yo.

Oh pl0x! Did the -Ghost- start haunting threads already?
oooOOOooohhh, see what I did there?

if your gunna piss me off im going to FLAME (<<<<magic word) the shit out of your attempts at a post

Ok, ok! We get it -Ghost-! Not cool. Take a nice big break from the internets and come back when you’ve recovered.
(Pana-kun, remove your thanks.)