were do you add scripts in rc?

i have no idea, somome please tell me and show me,

We don’t have an “NC” since we don’t currently have an NPC-Server (all though we have a few that are incomplete, and hopefully the GS2 emu will be finished)

To add scripts to your server, you’re going to have to pin them in NPC’s on the map and do clientside scripting for now.

Yes, keep in mind, just because there’s no npc server doesn’t mean you’re restricted all that much. Look at bomber arena for example, plenty of serverside operations going on there.

If you know the formatting of the weapon text files and how to properly manually create them, you can write your scripts and upload them to world/weapons and type /reloadweapons in RC chat. I do this all the time.

More info: What I did to “simulate” weapon adding like the NC without it is I made a -system npc with all the gr.addweapon commands (making sure to check if the player has it or not) in it and only added that npc to DEFAULTACCOUNT.txt so that every new player that comes on gets the -system npc and it automatically does initialization and what not. You may need to delete all account text files (except the default one), though, to initiate a reset to give the -system npc to players who have been to your server already.

REALNAME weaponname
IMAGE image.png


make sure it’s named weaponWeaponName.txt

Also sorry it’s not world/weapons it’s just /weapons