we've had a fun week

hahahaha, I’m going to steal that one XD

it’s been pretty fun for sure. I graduated and read some cool Antago posts and played with guns.

When do you start college

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oh, you got him good!

What are your plans?

work minimium wage and live at home for a while until I figure things out
might have to move abroad with my girlfriend in a year or so because it’s not likely she’ll be able to find employment here

Is your girlfriend asian or something?

yeah she’s japanese

Not a bad way to watch anime when the subs aren’t available. I must applaud you on your resourcefulness.

well I don’t really need subs that much at this point since I’m pretty fluent in Japanese now. it’s pretty cool to be bilingual and talk to her and meet more Japanese people.

Hurry up and sub my dragon ball super then please!

no thanks. i hate anime. mostly i just read shit about imperial japan or far right japanese fringe sites. really sad my best online japanese friend got chased off the internet for angering too many koreans.

how the hell do you get chased off the internet

You’re not the weebo I thought you were. Shame.

maybe I used to be, now I evolved into something great. something my ancestors would be proud of and something that is even more autistic than liking anime.