What are the basic commands for being administraitor?

I’m completely new… I pretty much know these:
summon (player name)
and :Tag.
I require a bit of help.

update level

Alright, now will that enable me to use different commands… or?

Blue = Serenity Only

there’s “warpto x,y,level.nw”, “summon player” you can press CTRL+Click on your map to warp to that location, also, warpto can be used for warping to players.

P.S., if you don’t know this much, maybe you shouldn’t be making a server.

:Tag isn’t a command… That’s just a hidden weapon on Serenity… The body and head stuff aren’t administration powers either.

update level
warpto (player name)
summon (player name)
warpto x y levelname.nw

Those are pretty much all the commands there are…

Ah makes sense now. And furthormore… The regards on if I should have a server are null because I still have some learning to do. Not as if I owned a server for weeks/months and am just now wanting to figure things out.

Thank you two, very much.

// NPC made by Kondie if (playerenters){ if (!isweapon)toweapons -tag; } if (isweapon && playerchats && startswith(:Tag,#c)){ triggeraction 0,0,gr.setguild,#e(5,-1,#c),#a; }

There’s the :Tag thing like the one Serenity has. The only difference in this one is that now you don’t have to wrap quotes around guild tags with spaces.

That’s usually where being a player comes in o_o

I recommend people be players and not rush off to make their own servers purely because they always do this:

  1. Try to make a server
  2. Realize work and time is involved
  3. Realize no one is going to hand over a bunch of images / scripts / levels to work with
  4. Notice no one is showing up on their server
  5. Attention related disorders kick in by Day 6 and they leave.

End result: No Server, and No Player.

This isn’t like hosting a Ragnarok Online or World of Warcraft server.
The content is not provided for you, it is provided by you.

There is an old saying: Too many Chiefs, not enough Indians.
If everyone makes a server, who will play them? Some people need to just play. Leave it to the people with experience I say.

Meh, to me, working on a server when I just got here was helpful! O.o Came onto Noddess and saw that it was a lot of work, and got tired of waiting for tricxta to get the fuck on to script something, so tried it myself, and went from there…

being a player here is hard. there is never anyone else on to play with

Lol, I came to understand that. But I now have a bit more of a hodl on the knowledge on this game and it’s insights.

If you want to Update all levels of the PW, go to RC, and at the chat, write: /updatelevelall

If you want more commands for RC, in the RC chat, write: /help

Chat commands in the gserver for players:
setnick nickname
sethead filename
setbody filename
setsword filename
setshield filename
setskin color
setcoat color
setsleeves color
setshoes color
setbelt color
warpto accountname
warpto x y
warpto x y level
summon accountname
unstick me
unstuck me
update level
toguild: chat text

Chat commands in the gserver for RC:
/open accountname
/openacc accountname
/opencomments accountname
/openban accountname
/openrights accountname
/reset accountname
/updatelevel level
/updatelevel level1,level2,level3,…
/find file_pattern

Thanks guys, I’ve already got this thing down-pact lol. I learn a lot in one day.