What are you scared of?

Everyone has a fear. What about you? Share your fears and phobias here.



Kalzors links

I’m not afraid of anything, faggots.

Slender man

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I changed my mind.

Blaze’s posting abilities

j/k a legit fear…
I’m actually afraid of my inability to control myself around heights. I can’t control myself around them and I feel like I’ll jump off.

Slender man isn’t creepy. Especially after enough rule 34 of him.

I’m scared of losing the internet and all my precious porn and victims.

I’m afraid of what gllt wil post next in /b/

Jeff the Killer and Smile Dog are creepier

Leaving Kondie unnattended on my Minecraft server with WorldEdit rights.

I’ve seen him grief with less.

Ahh true enough. But it’s a bitch to delete a bunch of lava that’s been added on layer 256 and left to pour down.