What do you do besides Graal o_O

I’m really only quasi-interested in the actual topic. I’m mostly trying to avoid the inevitable: studying.

So, I’ll just start - besides Graal I am a student at Ohio University and I major in Foreign Service and am working on my Islamic Certificate/Arabic language.
(you know, those gd moooslims :munch:)

I also play guitar in a blues band and I play lots of video games in my spare time.

I really thought I had more to say, but I don’t. So, yeah.

I’m in the United States Navy. I’m a Hospital Corpsman charged with deploying with the Marines and acting as their combat medic, however as of yet I have not been deployed.

I play piano quasi-professionally. I do a few gigs here and there, when I can get the spare time. I also attend college when I can, last one I was a student at was University of Memphis, and I’m currently trying to get my Bachelors degree in Music Education.

Videogames are a given, with my free time eaten up by facebook, graal, any game that happens to grace my PS3, and all that good stuff.

Umm… I think that about covers the basics.

Ooh rah.

kickboxing, rugby

when not on graal i spend my spare time either standing on street corners whoring myself out for spare change or running through K-marts in a speedo complaining about alien probing while throwing canned foods at old people .

that is so much win and on so many levels

College, GF, and game with any spare time.

sleeping, eating, wating tv, playing ut2k4

Your mother.

I’m a professional husband. American, living in Canada just waiting for my permanent resident status so I can start working legally.

So basically I play video games by day (stuff by Valve, Minecraft, good RPGs, basically) and in the evenings I walk to my wife’s work and walk her home.

girls, beer, school, work, graal

You could grow a little more if you help me out with what I PM’d you :wink:

Just to clarify it’s nothing sexual.

Webprogramming (professionally) and music (hobby).

Too much gllt.

I likez to fire my lazor and play mmo’s


Work, flash games on Kongregate (mainly Caesary and A Knight’s Story 2), Graal Reborn, Graal Online, and video games when I’m not playing an idle game or Graal.

Musician professionally, and work for the hell of it part time, girls, graal, soon to be ff14. :stuck_out_tongue: now that I said ff14 u can knock on me

I don’t understand why you type so badly. Didn’t going to school teach you anything?

I went to the biggest joke of a school in all of the USA, I hear its even worse now

All three schools were jokes? (Elementary, Middle, and High) Every teacher in each school was a joke? I doubt it. I bet you dropped out. Or you refused to learn. Or your mother “home schooled” you. Or you’re simple retarded.

Place bets now.

Theres nothing wrong with homeschooling/unschooling, lookup unschooling.