What do you think of Hitler, Antago?

Adolf Hitler fought against the bankers, illuminati, free masons, those who basterdized Christianity and most importantly the demonic Jews who serve Satan. Adolf Hitler was also a self-proclaimed Christian and believed that he acted within the will of God. Just as you had everything stolen from you by Unixmad, the Germans had everything stolen from them by the Jews. Hitler rose up and fought against this tyranny. What do you think about him? Personally I see him as a very inspirational figure although I think National Socialism had many flaws, but I believe most of those can be attributed to other high ranking members of the party who sought to implement their own agenda, such as Himmler and Heydrich.

Here’s some videos to enjoy, cheers.

“Beyond Europe and the entire world the International Jewry will be recognized as the demonic threat it is, the National Socialists will ensure this”
-Adolf Hitler

“When one tells me “You’re a dreamer,” I have only one answer for them, “You idiot. Where would we be today if I wasn’t a dreamer?” I always believed in the future Germany. You said I was a dreamer. I always believed in the rise of the German Reich. You said I was a fool. I always believed in our return to power. You said I was mad. I always believed in an end to poverty. You said it was utopian. Who was right, you or me? I WAS RIGHT!”
-Adolf Hitler

I hope this is facetious.

We can describe Hitler like Sirius Black describes Voldemor in Harry Potter.

it’s satire

Are you sure it’s not sarcasm? Maybe a witticism?

I think Antago has gone back into hiding for a while but here’s another good Hitler video to enjoy

“They used to laugh at us, they thought it was a joke. Today they’re not laughing anymore, they realize the gravity of the situation.”

Just like one day (((Unixmad))) will realize we are coming to punish him.

What a great nazi recruitment video. Where can I sign up?

sadly signups closed after 1945
some people have tried to start it up again but it just isn’t the same :confused: