What do you think?

I had to go away and I took my laptop to stop me from going insane and I drew some tiles just for fun. Tell me what you think from the following examples:

they look familier.

well they might look a bit on the era side but dont all modern tiles… I assure you I made all those tiles from scratch

Better then original Graal tiles but uh, what isn’t better then them?

But urr… uh, to be honest, they kind of somewhat remind me of the game Earthbound. At least, parts of them. O.o

Especially this house,


I never played earthbound so I wouldnt know lol

Yeah, people will probably think i’m crazy for associating similarities of the look of that game, to your tiles. XDD.

It’s an old-school snes game. It was pretty epic for it’s time.

Woah dude turn ur saturation down.

Reminds me of Rileys tiles, well the first one does amyway.

Rest of em make me imagine unixmad decided to aim era at todlers as his latest scheme.

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Would go well with kondies rainbow seashells.

It feels like I’m in a child’s cartoon…
Very interesting

thx guys, I know im not that good at pixelling but its interesting to see what you thought of my tiles. Maybe one day Ill go back and clean them up lol

Is this ok?

That grass is awesome. The dirt looks repetitive and the roof is too. The Road looks fairly decent. : )

Can you change that fence it looks ugly as hell. Make it into a wooden picket fence or something

come on now… my work isnt that bad :frowning:

Roof of the house is ugly as fuck and makes the house look far to small. The fence is to big and the colours look shit in contrast with the grass and what not. A side from that good work.

Oh, yeh. I second the motion to lower the saturation or w/e. The dirt’s pretty hard to look at. Perhaps use a more cream / yellow colour for the sand and add a bit of grain and perhaps a diag s type patern to it.

Reffering to the pattern.

Simmilar to this old ass mockup I did of some tiles

The shadows on those trees are fucking trippy σ_σ

Those were just old ass trees we used temporarily. The shadow projected from the tree is part of the object / game engine.

your tiles make me want to stop trying to gfx since I know I never will get to that level :frowning:

your tiles are good as a base, you may want to let others finish your work,
they are perfect for a base though , remember how era looked so crappy when it started ?


good work though dude , just spending the time to do that shows a lot.

… Don’t make an Era clone.

For the love of Graal.

who the fuck in there right mind would make a era clone, toadys era is fucking terrible in so many aspects, if I were to make a modern server it would be alot different and feature a more interactive environment including the ability to beat the shit out of any npc and destroy fences if u crash into them with a car