What do you want to see in a game engine?

So guys! I’m thinking of embedding Lua into my engine. Can anyone impart any wisdom as to why this is or is not a good idea? Honestly I haven’t looked into all that much but the syntax looks quite friendly and perfect for what I’m trying to achieve.

ok do it

Ok I’ll do it

Personally I hate Luas syntax with a passion so I ended up dropping it as an option for my engine, but GMOD which is a very popular example of a similar type of game to what people are trying to accomplish here uses Lua. That is a market of modders/developers that would be instantly familiar, and that would probably be the biggest reason to use it.

So ultimately that’s up to you bro.

Can I ask why you so strongly oppose Lua’s syntax? and what could be done to ease the pain.

Not really anything particularly objective / practical, it’s just personal preference. Just things like arbitrarily adding “do” makes it feel much more like a pseudo-code language, and of course trying to replace brackets in a way I find worse than Python (another language I don’t like, especially because of it’s awful performance), which just affects readability and convenience for me. I could go on but it’s all subjective. For most people it’s fine as an embedded scripting language.

If you’re going to parse the language as is, there’s not really anything you can do to ease the pain for those who don’t like it other than just providing a nice and simple API, like Love2D has. https://love2d.org/

Point taken. And yeah the aim here is to make scripting easy enough that you don’t require any kind of prerequisite knowledge coming in to make meaningful content.