What is a GP?

Now that is the most noobish question ever asked…

Absolutely no surprise that it came from you.

haha very funny…:rolleyes:

Now what is it?

graal police…

“Graalian Police”, they’re to watch out for hackers, jail people.
Mostly known as a bunch of power abusing slack offs with no development related abilities.

Yay I thought they were

Rofl, quite tall of you to call ME a noob. In fact, I’m so much of a noob I didn’t have to make 37 threads to get my Gserver to work.

Oh btw, I’m so addicted to graal I spend less than 15 minutes on it a week. Goddamn so addicted, I should check myself in to a mental rehab center.

I’m nearly tempted to just remove all of iSlayer’s posts.

Do it.

GP = Gold Pieces



horrible (please repeat one million two hundred sixty three thousand four hundred twelve times)

tried once, never again…NEVER AGAIN!!!

God, Please… (GP)

I liked the CP game better. [You FBI, you lose!]
Control Panel


GP = Girlie Porn.


did somone say Gay Porn?


nono that’s child porn