What my girlfriend got me for Christmas!

After watching me spend so many hours ignoring her for something else she finally decided to embrace it. This is what she got me for Christmas. Very thoughtful. I love coffee and Graal!


Lovely, I wish My girlfriend would be this thoughtful! :wink:

She couldn’t have tiled you a level first? Still a great mug though.

Sweet coffee cup. Any idea where she had it made? I have several ideas that would be cool for a coffee cup.
You’re lucky to have a girlfriend that’s not a totally self absorbed bitch, you should hang on to her and give her some time and love every now and then.
I once had one myself, but I was always the one buying nice things and she never got or did anything nice for me. anything nice I ever did only seemed to fuel her hatred and disdain for me.

She had it done through a company called Printable Memories. She hopped on my computer while I was at work andgot pics1, cut it up so it’d fit nicely on the mug and sent the image to them.

My girlfriend is super cool. She always does nice things for me. She even built a level with the editor once (she used lava tiles - so brave). I am always aware of those things and try to give as much as I get.

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Sweet mug

Aww it’s lovely,you’re lucky to have a girlfriend like that!

That is so awesome, I must admit I’m a bit jealous!

Next year, ask her for a lifetime Classic account.