what programming language does graal use and i need a link to good tutorials

hey i have two questions what programming language does graal use and i need a good tutorial link

Didn’t you make a thread on a good tutorial for any sort of coding?

Graal is made is delph converted to java converted to c++ or some shit like that if I remember correctly. Don’t even try make a game engine like graal. It requires alot of work and not even stephan did it 100% entirely by himself.

If your still keen on the idea use java. Why? Because its easy, alot of work is already done for you with predefined classes which you can use to create all sorts of stuff. If your going to learn C++ just…dont lol

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If you do a little digging, one of our VIPs is/was working on his own graal type engine, and was getting pretty far with it last I checked.


Not the one I was thinking of, but him as well, yes.


Would be pretty cool if we had access to a graal engine without the usual limits of graal :0

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