What the fuck?

How the fuck do you turn off the god damn music?

mute graal or go into f1 options->general options->audio and then take the music slider all the way down. o_0

he is talking about the forum music that they just added.

Oh I see… I have my speakers muted :o Tbh why the fuck is there music… I’d rather just browse in silence.

Lol everyone needs to get into the graal spirit.

you should add a button where we can turn it off. i preffer to listen to other music.

i’ll think about it, but as of now i think graal spirit should be forced. people need to get in the mood

I’ll just mute my browser then… Ez’ed

then you’re going to go on youtube, and have to re-enable it, then remember to disable. have fun anti-graal bastard

it just keeps auto downloading midi files onto my hard drive. not great…

A new one every time I switch pages. Do not want.

legit 10 kb’s each, chill (and theirs maybe 30)… so zomg 300 kbs!!!

it’s not the hard drive space that I’m worried about. and it’s not stopping at 30. It downloads copies. ex. stef51(1).mid.

I’m not against the music idea in theory, but it’s clearly not working correctly. I haven’t actually been able to listen to any of the music… even VLC won’t play any of these midis.


No idea, which browser are you using? Google chrome asks for permission but it works, and firefox worked without nothing. If you’re using internet explorer, well that could be it i never use it. Haven’t tested it on my macbook, my ipad (and apparently ios) doesn’t allow anything to auto-play.

Chrome. No permissions, just downloads.

Oh wow, it’s downloading the actual file?

I don’t have Quicktime so no music for me. :slight_smile:

Yeah, that’s what I’m saying. It’s not causing any REAL problems, except for filling my downloads folder up with midis, but you can see how it might be a tad annoying. 3:

I just tried on chrome again, nothing happening wrong :/. do you have quicktime maybe? not really sure why…

I don’t have quicktime.

I’m going to look into fixing this, give me a few.