What up

Whats up. Man, this is awesome that there is a free graal going on. I havent downloaded anything or even know what this is but I might soon.

I used to play Elven Lands as Fear and JeStEr. I used to be a FAQ or something but that server was awesome, good times. Then EL just stopped, I have no clue what happened. But there was another popular server after that… i forget the name of it. All I remember is starting off at the top of a mountain and the owners would slowly update the game to finally reach the bottom of the mountain/waterfall and there would be a town there. That server was awesome… I think the first letter of the server was a “Z” or a “X”. Then that one got shut down and I just stopped playing all together.

I was a part of the BTK guild for awhile then after the one server shut down I lost touch with them.

Anyway, just wanted to say what up and see whats good. How many people play this graal reborn and how many servers/worlds are there?

good times…

More servers than players :stuck_out_tongue: Just like Official

Not really.