WHatis Gmap and Bigmap?

Please. I’ve searched in forum and i didn’t find the diferences. Thanks^_^

Big Map shows all levels connected, each level is seperate and requires links between them. Uses a TXT file with an array of levels.

GMap has all of the levels act as one giant level. If you said warpto 0 0 on the map you would warp to the top left corner no matter where you were. You do no need links between levels. Also, doesn’t work with our GServer. Uses a GMAP file.

GMap basically tricks Graal into thinking that everything is one big level…things can be seen in adjecant levels (such as images) and so forth. VERY hard to manage if you have one, since you need custom bombs and such…

lol nah only on GR because we suck

So the GraalOnline UnholyNation (or Zodiac) system is Gmap?

Yeah xD

Oh ok. I’ve been searchin in all the forum. How to create a Gmap?

Don’t make a gmap x.x Use a bigmap…they are almost the same thing for your purposes…

No. i Want to make a Gmap. How can i?

how compatible are GMaps on Reborn? Would it be as good as a bigmap, and what would I have to customize?


Seriously >_>

“GMaps do not work. Use a Txt map”
“No i want make Gmap”