What's this?

Decided to post this here since it’s so awfully dead at the moment.


It works, but would require someone to do serverside scripting for interaction between players (except for slashing eachother with swords).

C++? O:

Graal v5.007 (last client that supported plaintext GS1 instead of bytecode GS2).

ahha x] do you need the serverside part scripted in C++ is what I’m asking :3

Well, it could either be hardcoded into the server or be scripted in one of the npc-servers if they ever got finished up. If that would happen we could use any client between v2.3 and v5.007 really.

v2.31 is the best v2 client since it doesn’t have the 100% cpu bug.

v4 doesn’t work on Vista/Windows 7 (atleast not in the 64bit version)
v5.007 has the most improved GS1. (And supports GS2 if we ever figure that out, but if we do, we could just use v6 / iphone client / flash client)

:DD That’s intense xD Do you think that if we took the Gserver that has the NPC-Server built into it by 39ster (his latest one he quit on but posted the source stuff) we would be able to use that?
If I remember most of it is done he said but some minor bugs and the database stuff P: Unsure if Gmaps are fully working, but they are working for the most part.

I’m downloading his Gserver now to mess with it, I have code::blocks setup MinGW and about to setup Boost also xP also have the SVN checked out on my computer now.
Might as well try to contribute something O: It will be a good learning experience, that’s for sure c:

Well, either that, or joeys c# npc-server or lnxmads c++ npc-server. Choose what’s best for you to continue on.

Who’s got a link for inxmad’s c++ npc server?

Would you like me to send you it on AIM? c:

It’s on the SVN afaik.

Yes, this is Lnxmad’s npc-server made in C++:

And Joey’s npc-server made in C#:

I have a socket fix for the NPC-server that Nalin helped me with to use with my GraalIM/RC. I should probably commit that. :slight_smile:

I really like joeys source, C# seems friendly enough that I’ll probably play around and see what I can do.