What's your favorite "graal moment"?

If you’ve played Graal for as long as I have, you probably have more then one favorite “graal moment” like me, so what are they, or what is that one that stands out the most?

I think my favorites were with my guilds on Npulse and Babylon in the past. I had guilds on both but since Graal is… well, Graal. There was so little point to guilds(on my opinion.). I think the very most fun i’ve had was on Babylon when me and my guild were running around on Babylon basically PKing the heck out of people that stepped into the main area’s of it and since I had about 20+ or so members and we were all working together we basically kept everyone out of town. Other then that, I have ton’s of other memories to mention but that was my most “memorable” I guess I could say. I’m sure there was a more memorable one but that was the one that I could think of off the top of my head. What about you?

Throne wars, when ‘Classic’ was the only dedicated server.

The time when ‘Classic’ had over 300 people on. That was great. Always stuff to do, always new people to meet.

Getting on a official guild for the first time.

Realizing how easy it was to make your own content.

Everything else is Graal Reborn related. Like all the times we got something new to work and getting a adrenalin rush of being threatened by unixmad. (I haven’t counted how many times) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

All the server crashes where thou get stuck in the wierdest places.

I remember on ‘Classic’ when playercount did exceed 200, and some staff/GP(no one ever found out who) decided to warp ALL the players in the small little lake at the entrance of Swamp Town. 200 players in one level on a client even less ‘optimized’ than it is now, on a shitty computer and AOL 56k connection was… well, pretty damn horrible.

Yeah, used to be fun when Graal was actually eventful and had tons of players. :noob:

I dunno what my first guild even was. I’ve been in sooo many since Graal started it’s not even funny.

The whole making your own levels n’ stuff is what drew me to graal so much in the first place, as well as the whole “zeldiasque” theme to it. It was a fun and original idea but sadly they never seemed to have gone anywhere… “proper” with it.

He got mad at me before and he actually somehow managed to get my IM name even though I had it listed nowhere and he was bugging me about something so I think I pretty much five minutes into it blocked him. I don’t like stalkers? :smiley:

Especially since it was at like. 2:30 in the morning.

That was fun at first until it happened to me I would say over 400+ times since I started the game, if not more. ahaha. Then it just got annoying! !pissed!

Ahaha, I had a similar experience on Npulse but instead of getting warped to some place like that, we all got warped to a spar room and everyones rating got screwed up pretty bad. It was fun because there was sooo many afkers. I think it’s what they deserve. What’s the point of being on a server if you’re just going to AFK? :animesmiley:

THE HOURS ARE YOUR LIFEEEEEEEEE. But ya, that’s the general idea of AFKers. I think it’s stupid, especially when staff do it. I’m so against staff AFKing on RC, and if I ever have the power I tend to enforce that rule strictly.

Aha, most of the people I ask that are afking their excuse is that they’re “working” and yet nothing ever seems to get done despite how much they’re “working”. lol, sigh

I actually have a whollle load of hours on one server and I rarely ever afked and people are like. “Wow, you afker!” Because most people with as high of hours as me usually afk to get that high. My response to people who say that, that were active within the server is to name one time they saw me afking and then pretty much got’em quiet because they couldn’t. If i’m online in a game i’m most certainly not afking.

I see tons of staff just AFK when they go to sleep. They essentially never log off – it’s retarded. I also remember the little train on Doomsday that was an easy way to AFK :stuck_out_tongue:

Massive PK fests on Classic.

When I quit.

I second that.

I’m just kidding … my favorite moment was when Elk quit Zodiac.
I hated his work so much.

N-pulse events. Mmm

If you played N-pulse events a lot you would probably remember me, lol. I was under a different name though but I was an ET a loonng while back.

I don’t remember anybody from n-pulse that I haven’t spoken to. After unixfag made graal p2p I drifted away from graal and forgot lots of peoplez