When did sparring start

how did thallen,zeross,rufus and war hawk get so good at it. when did sparring become such a big thing.

Sparring has always been a thing on graal. It’s not hard to figure out how to spar good. Unlike noobs smashing keys, they actually wait and watch how the user is sparring so they can counter-act them. Graal has plenty of guides online to show the proper way to spar online with other users.

I’ve seen a few guides but none of them are by an old OG players. I was wondering could you point me in the right direction. A guy named droid on graalians seemed to have a okay guide. I’m tired of losing to sword spammers on iclassic.

Sparring in it’s present form on “mobile” and even “PC” has been a joke for a long time. There is no skill involved in it anymore, it’s just mash a button or tap the screen and hope you are lucky.

This is because UDP packets were removed years ago after Stefan left and Stephane has no idea how to update or even maintain the client.

Sparring was at it’s best during the period of version 1.1 until early 1.3 in 1999 and 2000. The OGs of sparring were King Clops, Cobra 5.0, Zol, Sir Pickles, Zeek Silverfire, myself and a few others in Baddies, Swordsmen and a couple other guilds.

You also had the shitters who sucked and could not spar or even PK without using a cheat engine “the dumb schizo guy who has been obsessed with me and galen for 2 decades for example.”

We normal people and good sparrers regularly had matches and tournaments in Zol’s pub and the Northern Limits. Those were good days when graal wasn’t totally shit sometimes.

Thallen is kinda okay sometimes, but most of these modern mobile shit kids couldn’t hold a candle to Clops, Gandarian or even me.

Graal isn’t important or popular enough to warrant me wasting my time to make a full guide on sparring.

I will list out a few things I remember.

Ping is important, to have a good fair sparring match it’s important to play on a clean non lagging server and for both participants to have a less than 100ms ping.

In a true spar movement is just as if not more important than slashing the S button. Predict where the guy is gonna go then slash slightly ahead of them, that intuition will give you an edge, same as with many other games with fluid active movement and combat.

The best way to spar is just set up a 1.2.8beta2 Gserver with the default 8 player limit. Pretty much everyone should have a copy of it after it being freely available for 2 decades. It is the most efficient for sparring in my experience, has less bloat and is the first to implement UDP packets. Just be sure everyone you have on can be trusted not to cheat or DDOS your server. You don’t want to give your IP to some nasty schizo dude who thinks he is jesus.

Appreciate It tried leveling couldn’t do it that well. So I figured I’d try to get good at sparring. I was wondering if there was a certain server or quest that made OG Graal players good at sparring. Like a boss fight etc.

NPCs that would slash at you like crazy were a thing back in the days. That I would consider some kind of “boss” that could have practiced people at sparring. I died quite a few times to those but they get predictable.

They were good at sparring because they sparred a lot. o_O In Thallen’s case, he’s in a guild dedicated to sparring and they’d spar against other people who were good at sparring.

I can’t even fathom the kind of logic that lead you to think there’s a quest that makes you better at sparring. I don’t understand why everything for you is about jumping through hoops or a step-by-step process. There is literally no secret behind it. Just get good.


This guide is highly recommended after reading this it didn’t take long to become a pro sparrer.

Shame that website got hijacked.