When is NPC-Server coming?

Edit: Sorry I didn’t mean to e-mail this to everyone. I clicked “Announce Topic” thinking it would be announced by being put at the top of every board. Apologies to everyone who received it.

Basically nobody on the team is skilled enough nor do they have enough time to dedicate to such a monumental task so i'll say it plain and simple.

[size=7]Do not ask about “When is NPC-Server coming?” unless you are volunteering to code it yourself.

Do not ask how to code it, if you have to ask then you cannot.[/size]

If you really really want one you could hire a programmer to code it for us and that would be a great benefit to Graal Reborn which we would thank you very much for.

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Here's a tip try garagegames.com and post your recruitment to hire workers there

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I'm willing to put $20 towards a professional programmer. Anyone else want to chip in?

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shrugs I offered to donate to Joey any amount he needed (of course not over $80). He doesn't accept checks so, I'm out.

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I suggest we take the time to research our various options on best quality (a.k.a portfolio) and compare rates to find a reasonable price.

My new job will start cutting me checks in about 3-4 weeks. After a significant portion has gone to the bills, I'll be able to tell you how much I can donate. Also, I'll be willing to make multiple payments after that to help with costs. But, that all depends on how the search turns out.

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I think it would be best to attempt to list our project on sites like rent-a-coder, the sites where you publish a quick summary of what you want done in your project and the amount you're willing to pay. For instance say that we need a script interpreter coded for a well documented game engine or something.

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i'll eventually get to that point in my game in which ill learn how to use the yacc/lex scanners etc… so i guess yall can just wait until then. going to implement udp (peer-to-peer) for things like x,y,animation etc… so yeah.

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Well, I have a potential candidate. He’s a local “prodigy” when it comes to programming. He’s in my “extended network” of friends. So, I’ve got someone to have him call me so I can get more about him. If I feel he has the ability to help the project, I’ll send him here to talk to someone who fully understands how the NPC-Server functions and how he would go about making it.

I'll post the results as soon as he contacts me.

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If you guys would set up active donations towards a programmer, then I would definitely donate and the sum would be 3 digits.

You say that none of the programmers here want to spend the time needed to put the NPC server together - Would it help if the internal workings of the NPC server were documented for those who don’t quite understand it (in other words, people like myself xD )?

And if the NPC server were hypothetically figured out (hypothetically, I said), along with the packet info, could the v4 client be put to use?

Yes, we could even use the v5 client. There’s no difference between v4 and v5 except more features and less bugs. That bar at the bottom is only a script that the loginserver sends to the client. If we managed to use Graal v5 and later we will probably not have access to download the scripts and stuff from GraalOnlines Loginserver so we would have to write that stuff again, so we would probably skip that menu-bar.

GraalOnlines Loginserver is only a regular GServer but with scripts to hide the character and create menus and tell you what servers are up. If we managed to use Graal v5 we could skip the loginserver and make us a own listserver instead and connect directly to the server that you want to play. :slight_smile:

This of course is only a BIG IF. Probably won’t happen in a long long time since Graal v5 depends on NPC-server so we need to fix that first.

Peace out!

Cool so IF you get the npc server we can use graal clients other than 2.xxx? cool

i wish i knew coding and programming but i dont know how it works at all.
ill do anything if i can help :slight_smile: Graal Reborn 4 life


if we use a 4.xxx or 5.xxx client… wouldnt that mean we need to use GS2 instead of GS1?

You’re obviously no help if you cannot code or program.

Possibly. Im pretty sure we would

I think you can use both. Not sure though. Server side would definitly be GS2

thats why im saying: if i can help, ill help >.<
and thx cadavre, honestly i hope GS2

not because GS1 is hard for me, but GS2 makes allot more sense and better commands
like now you get setplayerprop #c,bla ;
and in GS2 its player.chat = “bla” ;

hope GS2
but if theres no other option ill use GS1 :smiley:

and serverside has to be GS2 since NPC control is written in GS2… right?



GraalScript2 rocks my socks.

Yeah, the NPC-Server used to use GS1.