When Unixfag dies?

when Unix dies is there any plan for celebration?

What will you do?

Here is what Beh0lder had to say.

[quote=Beh0lder in IRC]
I’d imagine half the people in france would spit on his grave
and in his coffin


Unixfag <3 Francois[/center] [/quote]

Re: When Unixfag dies?

I wish this was funny. -.-

Re: When Unixfag dies?


I forget how old that pathetic French troll is? I assume he is around 45… We unfortunately probably have to deal with him another 20-30 years unless he has some sort of health issue as a result of his cocaine abuse… Hopefully by then there will still be some domains left not cybersquatted… Hopefully several other trolling bastards like George W Bush, Dick Cheney, Steve Ballmer and many others like them will die around the same time… I’d like to think Unixmad has changed from the relative silence and lack of harassment to us, but even so he has done too much wrong in the past to myself and dozens of others for me to ever forgive him. I don’t usually wish death or harm on nobody, that being said I would gladly have Unixmad stuffed and mounted on the wall of a New Jersey sewage treatment plant, so his few remaining Graal players may shit on him for all eternity. Yea I said it, he deserved to be immortalized in shit and shit upon, and this is the nicest most dignified idea I could come up with that would be fitting…

i would bring him back to life and try all new was to kill him :)…

i need to wait for him to die normaly first so i dont get arested for killing him, and i dont think you can get arested for killing some one who has already died, Can you?

you are watching too much cloning-movies xD but let me have some time with him first, i want to try my old whip on him as some kind of capability test >:3

lol… plz dont give me… ??? hang on YES give me more ideas :slight_smile:

Cloning you say??..?..?.. NA one of him is all i think the world can take lol but mass killings of rooms full of UnixFAGs would be funn, use that for targets in the army or just for ppl to take out the days agression.

And as for the whip? well i will take some time pondering about how best to use such an adaptible weapon… MmmWAA HAHAHA… :smiley:

Oh Yea any of you guys know Stephen Lynch??, well here is a ReWrite of one of his songs just for UnixFAG (and NO its not Special Edd)

When UnixFAG dies
Life will be strange
When UnixFAG dies
My Graal world will change
When UnixFAG dies
I’ll scream and I’ll yell
‘Cause he’ll be fuckin’ Rottin’ in hell

So UnixFAG, die
Don’t keep us in suspense
Oh UnixFAG, I’ll
Inpaile You On a Fence
Oh UnixFAG, don’t
Hold on another day
We Hate you to death
So Please Just Go Away.

A stroke would be nice
Disease would be cool
I’ll scatter Your ashes
In the Place where we poo
we’ll party Like Hef
When You die like a Queen
So what say you turn off your machine?

Oh UnixFAG, die
Stop fisting Your Own Rear
Oh UnixFAG, I
Wish Your Mom were here
Oh UnixFAG, die
Just take your final bow
Oh UnixFAG, die
Yes We hates you anyhow

For God’s sakes, you We All Know That You Sleep With Your Mum
Your So Thick Your PassWord is 1 1 1 1
You’re deaf, dumb, and blind, and I Garan-Damm-tee
I’ll Cut You Damm Throut If You Come Near ME
When You Go to the toilet your ass Feels Pains
You’re so Gay your penis has Brown Coloured Stanes
Oh, why don’t you die, Unix?
Why must you fight?
You Gay motherfucker
Just walk toward the goddamn light

Walk toward the light, Oh man
Walk toward the light, Oh man

It’s all over now
yes UnixFAG’s dead
A mysterious blow
And i mean to his head
Before We Congradz
A small oversight
But everything should work out all right
I’ll start working on Stefan tonight