Where is everybody?

Graal Reborn seems to be lacking something: namely, players. We have some nice playerworlds, but no-one to play on them. I think the most I’ve ever seen online at once was five, but I’m lucky to see one. Most days I’m the only non-staff person on any server. I don’t have any suggestions on how to get more players (not like we can openly advertise), but something must be done.

I remember about 20 people in one level on Sentinel once. lol lag


I’ve seen at most around 20+ . .

Other than that, we’ve done everything we could do. lol
Well besides buying banner advertisements. :smiley:
Also, did anyone ever make an ONRPG or MMORPG submission?
If you make one, it’s listed in the list of games. lol Eventually someone would see it. xD

Anyways! Yep, we’ve done about all we could do.

http://www.youtube.com/user/FireXDX official Graal Reborn channel imo. I do believe my channel has helped I do get messages on Youtube and MSN for support.

As I just posted there: http://www.graal.in/forums/showthread.php?p=7828#post7828

I’m sure some people would like to try the game, but we got to find a way to allow them to download the client…

I can’t possibly see how a noob would start playing without even a torrent to begin with…

There is a thread full of links to downloads of the client…

Thread closed!