Where'd Yen go?

I haven’t seen Yenairo for a while, usually he’s always prancing around on Bomber, but that’s been pretty empty, idk why but servers feel Unfun without his scripts :stuck_out_tongue: did he die? Also he said he’d be back in a month… Like 4 months ago 0.0 he was a fun little guy (nvm big guy) someone tell me where’d he go… (no I am not a stalker; molester or a rapist so those of u who are about to point out my bad wording, zip it please)

Sorry, what? Why don’t you say that to his face?

:frowning: maybe u didn’t get my post correctly I’m saying I kinda miss him DX

I dont miss him and the forums seem to have less shit floating around…

Just saying…:munch:

You just said what I was afraid to say lol

its funny because tricxta said it in this thread

I was gonna thank u for saying the truth, but I’m too lazy to click the button so instead I wrote out this reply, thank u

This is true, sadly.

But he seemed to have ducked out after Urza and I kept yelling at him for persuing Tricxta.

Eh, he’ll get over it and come back eventually.

they all come back. It will probz be under a new name though >.> :munch:

waiting and watching :0 I gotta gun ready so im set

why a new name?
wouldn’t someone have the same attitude?

Didn’t notice he left…

why hasn’t anyone torn you apart for this idiotic post yet

Someone Misses Yen a little much :()

And Yen wouldn’t lose His status, not how he rolls.


English isn’t your first language, I take it.

It is, I’m just Mentally incapable of forming a complete thought.

Yenairo said he quit due to some issue with spooon and urza they shouted at him for bothering tricxta and then he got upset so he left. Yeinaro will be back even if he said he quit, right now he’s taking a rlly long break.

he popped by my igloo the other day riding a seal, he said he was out of maple syrup and needed some more.

dumbass, he lives in canada, not antarctica.

i miss yen, he was cool.

Kinda like me :wink: The manager of Akyra and the owner (who is currently in jail for molesting Someone is what I heard from yen) fired me cuz I was a noob back then I ragequitted for like till December (this was back then in like, October)