Which looks better?

Lol i was just playing this on virtualboyadvance it was on the dvd and i was like wtf
Its pretty retarded

I like the look of it.

I’d love a server with those graphics like that.

I was gonna script GraalGBC as a mini-game(sort of like the games on Bomber Arena) just for the hell of it, and because it’d be like scripting a full game from scratch. Never got around to it though.

You should do it shiny :slight_smile:

When I get home from school I’ll make a radial explosion so it looks more realistic rather than a line…

Have fun with that one.

I couldn’t do it without cheating and using the new Graal’s ability to rotate and such.

Here and fuck you if you think it looks like bacon. This one looks like burnt cookies or something.

Burnt marshmellows.

Burning Marshmellows. theres still red and yellow on the outside.

That looks like you drained the saturation and lowered the light in Photoshop, Absolutely no color at all! >:| Have ever seen a real explosion? They have bright colors!