Who ees this crossfire

While browsing the net, once again I thought it was a small world cuz cross was another person that I wouldve known from igraal Check out this pic in other news someone else named Kurupt has be distinguished as “jatz”


Ik darkblade’s real name:Corey also known as a “graal online gp”

COOL this isn’t anti-graal go away

i got 2 problems with that. 1) my name isnt corey, corey was my fake name (im not telling my real name because of benjiro), and 2 i was a GP on GO, the server came on GR

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and (deep voice) People be trolln…

oh my god

Just ignore them. You are so easily trolled I honestly can’t find it funny.

Let’s bring it back, hardcore brah. We’ll find JellyFish and Viper too.


Graal on iOS is the funniest hacker wannabe-fest of all time. I think I’ll go play some now.

Viper was around for a few days then left again.

O_o wtf

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  1. Im no one called kurupt.
  2. Are you high?

i am anti graal

Here is a challenge for someone. Someone should try to recode the graal classic app, the first verson should be easy, and do the same thing as the pc clients. (Just as a challenge)(im tring to crack it because they said it would be impossable)

You just want the shit from iClassic. You can’t do it so you want someone who can to get it for you. Here’s something you didn’t think about: they won’t share it with you.

I am a do it my self type of person, and I could crack the client… besides I don’t tke random things, because they could be soutaused.

Excuse me?

you have to learn some things before you can start cracking software.

Orly? what method and software would you use to reverse engineer it to your liking?


“Reverse engineer? WTF IS THAT? i thought i’d just have to edit a .txt file!”

oh why you :facehoof: