Who is Antago

It says it in the reason box

“He” in any context can mean “Zin, Antago, Andrew, etc…”

Only Antago and me can ban the higher roles, so it wasn’t Andrew or anyone else.

So you still didn’t ask him why he banned you without matter of “he” ?

I’m not even sure why that matters, he banned me for something someone else did, ultimately dissolving the friendship.

Yet you just assume he was mentioning Antago as he instead of mentioning You, Anyways i got things to do.

If you’d like to discord me: Orjande#2988

  • Null made an API named Mongers back when we were partnered, to promote your server. He removed iit thereafter when Antago had a spaz and left.
  • “conspiring to destroy computers of innocent players in Graal” - was an obvious joke Null made.
  • “you’re adding a bunch of random advertising bots to your server” - No, we’re adding the server to popular discord server listings.
  • “desperate enough to come to this forum that literally no one who’s interested in Graal will look at” - Yeah, if you don’t count the people who did join, 2 of which are great contributors.

Null invited you back, in which you proceeded to get butt-hurt about some jokes that James said, and then left. He only banned you after awhile when you or Antago started banning 646 members from your server.

I mean, obviously when stealing Nintendo isn’t successful so you steal games a child studio instead, then turn around and claim he didn’t create those games and that he “just made some silly graphics”, yea, I’m sure that would be the logical argument to subvert admitting you’re a child predator who literally stole games designed by a child to live his life since stealing Nintendo wasn’t working out.

I already have the coolest videos around and I put much less time into them than I could have; I have games I’ve created in Flash SWF files on Deviantart. I have a legacy in the game community. My name is all over old web pages and people know me. I am not going to sit around in 646 where I am being harassed, and then when I ignore your harassment, you triangulate your members including null himself to come to me privately to tell me about this slanderous harassment.

Null was removed because when we had tuned out your psychotic “admins”, that wasn’t sufficient; it wasn’t enough to ignore his evil pieces of trash, he then came privately to me to begin telling me what they were saying about me, because null looooooooooooooooooooves drama and mischief. He pretended he wasn’t trying to triangulate abuse.

No, you will not be partnered with us and you aren’t welcome. You do not triangulate abuse under the guise of friendship, because you aren’t getting the god damn drama you were seeking by recruiting psychotic pathological liars into your club.

I’ve presented my evidence and the moment anything is revealed, or there is a pile of 5 months of evidence, you immediately slander it, tell me to show you more evidence, ignore it, and start saying something new and abusive.

I don’t have to answer to you; I don’t even care about you. You are not God; you do not get to come into our group and slanderously claim that all of our evidence is non-existent, regurgitate some of the lies in the many contradictory statements by Stefan, and then start telling us to bow down to you and “prove our worthiness on the spot or else”. You are literally ego-maniacal sociopaths. This won’t be happening.

You don’t get to summon a court, gaslight people into believing that hundreds of lines of evidence and confessions aren’t real; you don’t get to handpick Stefan’s lies and ignore the confessions, then deny it, deny it, deny it, slander me, call me trash, call me a poor piece of impoverished worthless unlovable psycho schizophrenic lying shit.

Your agenda was read loud and clear, and these weren’t “disagreements in opinions”, these were character assassinations so you had one less person to compete with in the community for alpha-status. You want to hijack Graal, or you wouldn’t be decompiling it; you have no love or respect for me.

No, I will not be partnered with you; I don’t agree with people who think that hacking code, pirating content, decompiling software, creating viruses, and slandering creators to discredit them and make it seem okay to rob them now—even going so far as to literally gang stalking and slandering innocent adult survivors of unspeakable childhood predation & character assassination including mega grand larceny—is “pretty hilarious, and at most simply okay to do”.

I’ve cited all my references. You handpick lies and create arbitrary unwarranted trials of character assassination for people on the spot, then you create strawmen and slander them. You can’t just decompile the code to takeover the community, now you have to tear down the leaders as well. You are a rotten, abusive band of hateful beings parading as something relevant. The only way you can make yourselves relevant is through threats, violence, attacking the credibility & egos others, and intimidation; but even then people will only be interested in dealing with you because of your harassment, not because they like you—and you have permanently destroyed your reputations.

Nobody here has any desire to have you in their lives, unless they’re equally wicked or for some reason suffering from a mental disability and cannot perceive what a useless investment you are. You’re untrustworthy through and through, and in order to appear more trustworthy, you decided you were going to “cleverly takeover Mongers” and pretend you weren’t doing it … Because, “after all, Null is somehow not responsible for the people in his group, what he does, or what the group does, he’s just a big innocent friendly guy who can do no wrong”.

I wouldn’t let a murderer into my house and I sure as hell wouldn’t be asking a car thief how his day was; you have nothing to offer me.

What’s even more pathetic is that your arguments aren’t even real arguments. “OYU DESIGN [email protected]$!$! YOU LIAR, YOU CAN’T MAKE SHIT!!!”

In business, pretty much 99% of all intellectual property is owned exclusively by people who designed or commissioned something. Even if all I did was “create some silly graphics or come up with some ideas lol”—which is a gross distortion of truth, because my game projects are my games—that right there, by definition, means that I own the entire fucking creative concepts. That is what copyright means in game design.

But of course when you steal a child’s game studio, rename it to GraalOnline, you’re going to need to pretend he didn’t do anything and that there is some “weird law or part of the situation where the kid was just your slave toy who contributed a few things you liked and that was all, so after all you did him a favor”.
And every pedophile says the little girl wanted it, or seduced him first—or claims he didn’t mean it, that it didn’t happen, or that it was “just that once so forgive him and let bygones be bygones”.

There is a price to be paid and it will be paid regardless of who dislikes it.

At any rate, I will be creating a new video soon you can come harass and pretend you’re doing out of the good for humanity.

You have evidence, get a lawsuit filed and come back when it goes down. You dont care about this? then get off the forums. Once again you failed to show any script code or whatever to actually prove you own it.

I can go download someones flash file and claim ownership of it without any setbacks, so if you cant show any ownership of it like code and whatnot you have no place to take ownership of it. People say they believe you verbally but maybe they dont actually. You have no supporters but kids who want unbanned to play the game. If you have money to spent on Videos and Artwork, file some legal class actions.

You also can not take criticism or anyone’s opinions on you without blowing a nut first.

In my opinion, you overreact as much as possible. You got angry at me because someone told you that I said “you’re not a programmer”, which I never did, and I wish you could give me that proof.

Values was having a civil argument with you, he didn’t say “OYU CANT DESIGN!!”. If anything, you were the most uncivil of the argument, calling him a faggot multiple times and then saying you’d “literally execute him in real life”.

You could’ve been an adult and just blocked Values, if you didn’t like what he was saying.

If Null banned Values only because you wanted him to, that would set a bad environment, where everyone wouldn’t want to talk to you, in fear of getting banned.

Good to see that these kinda of threads can happen even when the community is dead!

Im kinda intrigued of how Antago is allowed on these forums if he stirred up trouble with everyone.

True. I guess these forums don’t enforce a “ban everyone I don’t like” rule, like Antago does with everything lmao.

I strongly suspect most of the people/account names in this thread are just Brian/Antago talking to himself since he can’t get any attention any other way. It’s so sad and pathetic to watch… I suppose at least it’s better than him threatening random religious forums, harassing Galen, attempting to SWAT me, lie about and defame me, or making posts about how school shootings are great on incel forums. :roll_eyes: Nobody cares about graal anymore and nobody cares about “antago” or all these fake graal groups or fake discord channels where you talk to yourself about the “age of acquirious” or “How jews from saturn go to church every sunday to telepathically conspire against you. or some similarly insane nonsense.” Brian please listen to everyone and just move on with your life. Maybe you can do special needs finger paintings at the YMCA where someone will actually give a damn about you. All of 3 people give a damn about Graal anymore, one of those 3 is you and the other two hate you. I am not one of those 3 anymore. I don’t care about Graal and haven’t since 2002 and nobody with any decency or sanity does. It’s not a religion, it was a once mediocre failure just like you have been for 3 decades.

Nah im someone else, maybe ill get called Mr. Oboma as a 3rd try.

Antago, your videos have dropped in quality. Please do better.

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I’m not going to ban Antago. Ya’ll made a random thread about him and he’s trying to defend himself. If you guys don’t want him on here, stop fucking talking about him.

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