Who missed me?

raises hand

someone hurt you’re feelings on iphone again?

Ms. Sexypony knows all.

Who wants a nice juicy image of Rainbow Dash being beaten?

Stay away from my Dashie and I’ll stay away from your house tonight. I hope you value your life.

Bold words from a 12-year-old.

I’m 14. A 14 year old who is strangely obsessed with a cartoon pony.

In the words of Fluttershy: Shut up.

You’re a fucking faggot, Blazefire.

Everyone just ignore Blazefire. People only like the fucking show because they think it’ll get them attention.

dw, I’ll give you all the attention you ever wanted. Simply because I look for excuses not to do my uni work.

I’m not really back :smiley: I’m just here to see what my good friends are up to. All I’ve made out so far is that Tricxta applies for PWA and Spooon still doesn’t like me.

I was going to say welcome back then you linked MLP crap. I spit in this thread and all it stands for.

The only thing that’s any good about ponies is scout from TF2 screwing rainbow dash because it’s absolutely hilarious.

yeah same here… I’ve known him since I got here, but god damnit I hate bronies.

Give me something to punch… NOW

You can donkey punch rainbow dash for scout.

NO. I worship Dashie. It is something you will never understand. insert sniff here

Fuck off you little furry.

Stop giving him so much attention…

heh look what I did to rainbow dash