Who of real rps in graal

A lot more then you think go to the food home sorry I’m bad at spelling but you can see a lot of player saying rp? What I am talking about all girls I’m a guy are asked c or d if you don’t know what that is then GO AWAY!!! But I’m talking about lol the talking about at the same place but I was talking about all the ones that say D do ya this was a lot of text see ya my name here is my graal name pm if you like me

hello i wud like to meet u, becuz u sound like u r very cute and sex. my name is the dylano but now people call me dylanette

yeah well im a pretty cute girl i’d rp with u one thing tho im actually a trap (so i have a wanger) but if u are the into that sort of thing i can be into to helping you because i like that stuff and its no homo with a dick i have fake tits look liek a girll anyways but yeah i can give u the d if u want that but im like lookings of the girl so basically if u like that mr zach dankfire i can yes okay yeah also im only 12 so i gues im a loli trpa if u like that yeah okay thats basically the facts of the situaiton

here a picure of me irl dress up as a qt 3.15 slavic gril like a polish whore kinda in soviet unon )hahahas russkka_) u can shoot my ak-47 if u want we love each other 5ever


What the fuck is happening here

The magic of roleplaying!!

You made this happen, I know it.

I used to role play on MUDs “Multi User Dungeons” which were essentially all text back in the early 1990’s. But of course people could actually read and write back then. Now they are just retards that like to play dress up and jerk off to furre yiff porns.

Then you are playing the wrong mud. Check out zebedee

No. This thread will NOT become a MUD thread. I already did that shit. Fuck you, Hosler.

Is this thread a result of that open invitation to Graalian users?

Don’t remind me, I already regret that…
I now realize that hoping full retards will unretard is a retarded waste of time.

okay i start my rp

be qt loli 12 yr old trap
wow am qt
at soviet school
in pe class
have trouble firing avtomat steadily
ask teacher for help
senpai comrade ivan can u pls help me with kalash?
da tovarishch i can help u after skool
go to senpai comrade ivan’s house after school
senpai comrade ivan-chan can u help me?
yes tovarishch u must build muscle first
having the cheeki breeki is best way to build muscle
okay senpai, my body is ready
undress for senpai
i want to please senpai
i want to please mother russka
i must build muscle for the avtomat
i mustr have the hceeki breeki with senpawi

Nope. Stop this nonsense. It’s fucking weird.

be in locker room after working out to get soviet gains at the ussr commie gym

>pic related me with my gains
hosler comes in wearing leather suit
hosler opens his locker loudly
i stare at him and say
hey buddy i think u got the wrong door, the leather clubs two blocks down
hosler turns his head and looks at me
fuck you
no fuck you leather man
yeah you think you’re tough
yeah why don’t we settle this right here in the ring?
yeaah smartass
why don’t you strip out of the uhh, jabroni outfit
i’ll show you who’s boss of this gym

to be continued

pls containo