who reads books?

i do. would anyone else call themselves a bookworm?

Used to be. I read pretty that intrests me and dont wanna branch out to different genres.

I actually most of shakespeares plays as novels

olive books

I read the GraalBIBLE, thats the book for me.

Nah jk, I read a few novels and fiction books. I only read fiction.
I liked “Of mice and men”, “Everlost”, and etc.
My favorite would have to be “Little Brother”.
That was a beast book.

I heard Beholder reads the Graal Bible at bedtime.

Does reading for 4 hours a night qualify?

i like video game instruction manuals

Sadly the only people who put effort into them is Nintendo. Doubly sad is when you see the Nintendo booklet is thick as hell, but it’s because they had to print it in 3 languages. I love how my Black Ops manual is about 3 pages and black and white. Pretty much just explains the HUD. If I cared enough(or had the money) I’d buy game guides simply because they’re fun to read.

I remember the zelda gameboy guides. Looks back and enjoys the nostalgic moment Yep they were the days

I’m playing oracle of ages linked game from seasons right now so that is so relevant

soooo relevant to my life

those are my favs too omg

reading is for nerds

I object to that. Reading is for people with nothing better to do >:0
@@ gllt
Oracle of seasons is my fav. Definitely the best one I have played. EVER

i read tons of science fiction these days

Nerds read science fiction. lol

i did that before i ever played video games

I left the manual in the case and played the game O.O.


I play the game first, read the manual later.

Took me 2 years to get to reading this Naruto manual. I just pulled it out like a month ago and read it, lol.

currently reading Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series by Laurell K. Hamilton

the later books can be mostly called, Erotica, since theres a lot of sex, death, and torture…