Who's doing what?

Why isn’t anyone posting :C

Waiting for forums to die.

___Merged doublepost__________________

I would post, but threads I start usually fail pretty hard.

when u mom come hom and make hte spagheti

There’s no threads with new posts to post in. :frowning: Got happy when I saw this one, so I posted. And that brings us to the current moment when I press “Post Quick Reply”!

when u cadarve come hom and make hte qiuck relpy

And apparently the gllt was awoken from his eternal slumber.

I get home internet again tonight.

Wooh! Finally some gay furry action on the forums again!

With 100% more Skullgirls.

playing ffxiv.

Ive been playing ff7. So far it’s meh

Trying to stop my old cat and a raccoon from killing each other. I’ve been building, patching up and insulating my old shack. I’ve been cutting up and stacking firewood and otherwise trying to avoid freezing. Also misc internet stuff here and there when I have the time.

Dealing with a lot of school work. Plus Xialza on the side. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just an intermittent graal break like I sometimes do. I’m feeling much more in the present than I used to so my internet channel flipping has quite reduced. I am jobless but still tackling too many projects for my own sake; mainly, I’m on the drawing board to invent the basis for an abstraction capable Artificial Consciousness(I’m serious) by tackling the problem differently from the actual researchers (soul + body interaction creates feelings and feelings are the building blocks of a coherent consciousness(challengeable, but the multi-layered approach gives a lot of possibilities)… instead of the narrow “brain is a machine and reproducing it is how” which is only tackling the problem of experiencing the physical, greatly overlooking the importance of abstraction). Gradually kill my ghosts in the prospect of better understanding consciousness [and reduce the effect of neuroplasticity on my mind]… eventually writing a series of technical manuals that will hopefully put the actual “self-help by putting a stick up ur ass” styled life advancement books like The Secret to burn themselves in jealousy.

Lofty but those are not goals I set, it’s the only obvious way.

Also unrelated Android app ideas are floating around my head that might never happen because writing programs is so tedious compared to designing them.
That’s what I’m doing… yeah… still too depressed to act, so I think… and write.

Do it in gs1


I was thinking lisp or something with similar features (recursiveness, mainly… since thought is non-linear)… lisp machines? I don’t know… I’m still at least a decade before it’s structured and complete enough to be an implementable, releasable idea. Right now it’s about creating a mathematical language specific to the mind to represent interaction of feelings… with operators like conception and vilification… and other stuff. I’m starting to study Mandarin to help the creation of the glyphs that will be used and trying to figure out whether it’s possible to make them as usable as numbers are. Once the system of interaction is figured out, it’ll be easier to implement in a machine.

More please.