Why Graalians is Bad & an Open Invitation to Graalians users to come here.

I am extending an open invitation to all members of Graalians.com to come over to the Graal Reborn Forums. Here your posts will not be deleted, edited, closed or otherwise censored and you won’t be banned for frivolous reasons. Though I can’t promise everyone will always agree with your opinions you have the right to have them at Graal Reborn Forums. You can actually have discussions about real hard hitting issues and facts here without some corrupt 13 year old boy mod ruining it.

My posts at Graalians about Stephane Portha’s lawsuit against Mark Karpeles was deleted.
It was in the Off-Topic section and had nothing bad, obscene or untrue in it and even had links to mainstream media sites like ArsTechnica and the original documents plus dozens of replies and nobody else having a problem with it. Along with it I get a nice PM from a super intelligent and mature person “sarcasm” named “fp4”.

In response I made a thread about it including his PM to me and my response.

So who decides what threads get closed or deleted? Who decides what is “appropriate”? Is there any process or reasoning or is it just at the whim of angry 13 year old boys with attitude problems?

He deleted a thread that was in the Off-Topic section with nothing offensive or obscene and only had information and facts from mainstream sources that are proven true and accurate. “Because it offends Stephane”. In my opinion the people should be allowed to read content and decide for themselves and people like fp4 should not be mods.

If you want to ban me for this go right ahead, it wouldn’t be much of a loss.

Also I must ask, did Stephane send his classic “delete this thread and any negative mention of me or I will sue you, shut down your website and put you in france jail” threats?

Here is a copy of a PM from fp4 and my response.

Please find another forum/messageboard/website to post your Stephane Portha (unixmad) content as we do not want to host it.

The purpose of these forums is provide a community for Graal players to come and interact with each other outside the game not to make threads attacking the people who actually run the game.

If you want to come and attempt to reminisce about old Graal that’s fine but we will not let you use these forums in attempt to start “anti-unixmad” movements.

This is a warning, if you decide to persist with your behavior we will have to ban you.

You can delete whatever thread you want, that is your right, but it is also my right to tell you what a moron you are.

My response below.

I find it funny how you let the thread run for a week with every other mod having no problem with it before deciding to delete it. That is arbitrary, capricious and unprofessional, but I doubt an uneducated slug like you has any idea what those words even mean.

People that “actually run the game” is pretty much everyone except Stephane Portha, he does nothing but make up lies about people.

The thread I made attracted posts and attention to your otherwise worthless and uncared about forums from hundreds of people and gave information and warnings to people so they can decide for themselves. Why do you not want this?

Are you going to ban or censor everyone that has been harmed or ripped off by Stephane? If so then you will eventually have like 2 people left on your joke of a forum.

And yes I WILL post the same information in lots of places and people will see it. Graalians is irrelevant, mainly because of people like you. If you want to be just like the GraalOnline forums with about 4 posts a decande 3 of which come from the admins then be my guess.

You can ban me if you want. If I really wanted to cause problems I could just register under 100 different names and proxies, but I won’t because I’m not like that and you are so worthless you are not even worth the attention.

Quite literally 500ms later my threads are deleted and I am banned.

Graalians for iPhone players since the OGCC doesn’t have a board for iGraal. That is why they are there and not here.

Your posts are deleted over there because it’s full of people who love GraalOnline Mobile Edition v4.0.

I’m still not sure whether or not I was banned for posting the video of Unixmad or threatening to head to Mattkan’s house and slicing him in half with the help of a chainsaw.

I don’t want graalians here. My moderation methods don’t apply to larger forums.

Just don’t?

Larger forums, require more moderators.

Jerret-senpai (fp4) is a pretty awesome staff member. He’s pretty chill and I could understand why he would send you a message like that. Graal Reborn talk isn’t welcome on most official servers nor the forums.

You got it

We all, quite openly, refer to yourselves as Graal Reborn members on Graalians. It is not taboo, and the only GR members banned were banned for harassing Graalians members.

That made my eyeball hurt


Read it outloud

I’m the martyr of Graal Reborn

Please martyr yourself IRL for the greater good.

The edit only made it worse. Guys I think spoon does the marijuana.

Honestly, I don’t mind iGraal players as much as I do with many PC players. I’d rather deal with an annoying beggar than an arrogant idiot.

Mind you we’re all PC players.


why would anybody ever be on graalians

It’s fun!