Why I love spoon

If you all don’t grow the fuck up I think it’s time someone else took over hosting reborn because every time I look at these forums I want less and less to do with you.

We don’t like threats

So it was better when nobody was posting?

What do you mean by growing the fuck up?

As a person who came here in the beginnings and was hit by a wall of flaming refusal when I suggested cooperation instead of scattering I quickly understood that this place as a full graal project would have a hard time getting anywhere… as a 7 year old member I hope you have understood that too. So I hope it is not what you mean by growing up.

Personally, I find this place to be taken with a grain of salt. It’s very scattered but it’s a fun place to be around, plus we all have in common to have loved playing graal at a time or another. We’ve all been supportive with you and all hope your imperim project will be a success but a small place like this can quickly get boring and the post quality might be subpar compared to some forums because of that. It’s nice though to be able to get off topic once a conversation went far enough for example and stems to new ones, it’s possible here because we are not many members so a topic will not likely get off-hand if something relevant to the topic is said after a different conversation went on… which is good. This is not a super-big-internet-forum-that-comes-up-first-in-search-engines and it’s why it’s a better place in its own respect.

If you post a topic that is worth talking about don’t expect it to become one long thread about the topic because we are only so many and there are only so many things to say about anything… but I bet you it will be discussed as long as the forum members are interested.

This is how I see GR and I definitely hope you’ll keep the server up and not keep your expectations too high or to much to yourself, to “grow the fuck up” is a very relative thing to say. Because I like GR and I need it at the moment to help myself keep sane. Do decide for yourself but I thank you for the continuity of GR.

You have NOT been here for any beginning, let alone many. Your account is two years old. Please go away.

I’m talking about the fact that every time I read the forums, all I see is dylan’s hentai and a load of stupid shitposts like you saying you’re a cat. There hasn’t been one slightly on-topic thread in weeks.

This whole forum is always off topic. Almost all new threads are not about graal.

There’s nothing on-topic to talk about except for Imperim.

Fuck you, I came here, got flamed and went away. I then sporadically came back to check what was going on but never posted. What you can see is that I didn’t stay, not that I didn’t witness the beginnings and how things went in general.

Also what spooon said about imperim is true, I won’t thank him for obvious reasons.

Even I’ve been here longer than you. You haven’t proven you are capable of doing anything. If you are willing to prove yourself we’ll at least have some respect for you. I know I’m a retard, but people at least like me a bit because I can make nice levels and know when to finally stop shitposting. If you enjoy doing this all the time maybe try /r9k/, it’s a lot better than here. We don’t mind you posting funny stuff, but everything you post in every single thread is incoherent retardation.

Both sides make valid points.

2ndwolf, what was your account before, as you’re obviously implying you had one from 6+ years ago or however long this has been here. I ain’t even from the beginning of this forum lol

2ndwolf or s2ndwolf probably, I figured my account must have been deleted in some cleanup phase of unused accounts… otherwise it must have been different… as I’ve told I wasn’t active and would only sporadically visit this place. I don’t remember how long ago it was but it’s been at least 10 years ago if my memory is good (since I remember it was before I moved to montreal the first time)… which, I notice, is oldbier than anyone active here.

And dylan, you have a short memory, I did a server two years ago, scripted stuff, participated in a server and offered help in the npc programming subforum, tried to make a self generating server but ended the project. If this place was more active on graal development, things would be different.

Please don’t turn this into oldbie elitism and a fight over who’s oldbier than who, I know graal likes to revolve around such stuff but that kind of conversation is only frustrating and mostly sterile. Keep your fucking oldbying frustrations to yourselves, I know what I did and I know it doesn’t make me any better than anyone here and that the only important thing is what it makes GR look like to me. It makes it look like this is a community that is centered around creation but is generally self destructive and poisonous, I know what’s it’s like and I’m ok with it, I like to be around here.

I don’t consider myself an oldbie. I came here after playing iPhone Graal, I was completely incapable. I built myself up from nothing and earned respect for myself. You’ve come here and given yourself a lesser image than what you started with. All I can remember you doing was hosting Era Reborn, but I’d be glad to see other stuff you’d made if you could show it to me.



This script sucks, but it’s still something I did:

My server:

My randomly generated server project:

The most far I went with that project:

If someone hosts Armonston you could play it but I warn you it’s pretty skeletal.

I’ve never hosted Era Reborn, my hosting capabilities are very limited. But it’s the server I’ve worked on with psewolf yeah.

Cool shit brah. I wish I was this smart.

Who’s respect do you think you’ve earned exactly? I’m honestly curious.

Mine. His levels are awesome.