Wierd shit

Every page that has a post from iOpshon is fucked up.

He just made another account XxopshonxX so that may be proof that something is wrong with iOpshon.

How’d he accomplish that?

I meant iOpshon.

now both are fucked spooon and im sorry if i acuesedu of hacking
but WTF why all posts also it wasnt meant to be a virus ill tell u my resultsx_x

___Merged doublepost__________________

and wtf is up with the retard looking asian kid and stuff on my aaccount

You accused me of hacking? lol I’ve only hacked a few accounts on here. I never even changed the passwords. I only but ‘Hacked by Tix’ in the About Me area in their profiles.

why would you even search for such foolery, there is no such thing and by the way i see it there will NEVER BE

haaaaaa welll my xbox live account ddnt get hacked