will i be hacked?

So, I just bought this thing, it said “Buy a key logger, download it, and get all your friends passwords!” so, I downloaded this thing called 'keylogger.exe 0.0

If you actually wanted to get a key logger and searched for it chances are its legit and your most likely safe. However if its a pop-up yer… your most likely screwed.

your screwed…

never ever use hacking programs, trainers or key loggers, it also steals your own passwords

rofl idiot

MMORPG Trainers, especially the popular ones are almost always password stealers in disguise.
Single Player games like… I don’t know, GTA: Vice City for instance is usually safer to search for. lol

rofl, you thought I was serious? I assume everything called keylogger.exe on the internet is an, key logger?

I did but just for your info there are clean key loggers out there for parents who want to spy on there kids but they aren’t usually free lol.

I actually found one last year that allows you to infect a file and once it’s opened it downloads the keylogger onto their computer and sends you emails of what they type every hour or so. I lost it though.

Brother, could please find the keylogger program you mentioned so that I might try and pursue this female I’m interested in secretly?

… So I’m supposed to spend a few hours on the Internet trying to find this program so that you can spy on a girl? No thanks…

I didn’t say that I thought you were serious or not. I called you an idiot because you are one.

Well it all depends… If you are using windows, chances are you already have a few hundred virusi on your computer :stuck_out_tongue: However, if your using Linux (I use it most of the time, except when I’m playing graal reborn), the keylogger can’t (I’m pretty sure) log the keystrokes… the best thing to do would be to completely format you computer’s hardrive, break your windows dvd, (just in case it got infected), and install linux :slight_smile: then you can be safe and sure that you windows operating disk pieces are in a safe place (like the garbage).

Oh god, I hope this doesn’t start a Windows/Linux superiority debate. -____-

For the love of Moogles close the thread now! I can’t bear to see it happen!!!

Easy way to fix it is to take out the fan and throw all of your money on the heat-sync. This will cause it to magically fix itself because you gave it money. I did it before. I know what you’re thinking though. “Won’t that just burn my money,” and of course the answer is no.

I made a keylogger a while back its similar to the one Kondie described but it kept failing so I gave up.

I’m a smug SOB because I run SunSPARC.

I’m a PC. u mad?

im a competent human being who doesnt need to run one OS or the other to avoid downloading a keylogger