Woot Cave Water.

Okay, I was really trying hard with this new cave tile, I think it turned out okay, but I would like some feed back. :smiley:

I’m trying to finish this up and when I get this done, I will release the Warp Realm.

So far for the Warp Realm Tiles I have.

Inside House/Castle/Manor

I am lacking on ocean tiles right now though . . . That’s on my to do list.
So Feedback is nice 0.0 On any of my images. lol
Someone besides myself needs to post in the Graphics Section. :frowning:

Looks good.

Spooon is a man of reason, i agree with him.

lol I just noticed how crappy Graal’s HUD is. xD

its not that hard to make a new one is it?
all you need it the GFX and screensizes and then the programming behind it… then you need to insure everyone can use it easily, and that they like it as well…

but it cant be too hard?

Nalin made the HP part of it on Waffles.

Thanks Spooon and Seraph :smiley:
I am trying really hard to make nice tiles. Hopefully I can keep it up.



I did some screwing around and made stalagmites. Eh just a few . . also put in some rock tiles for the water and dirt.

Eventually I will make cracks, ledges/cliffs, and some stalactites.
Also some more wall tiles. :smiley:

Anyways, this is the cave tiles so far.

nice update. Your pw will probably go far here as long as you don’t give up.

your gfx own. w00t. Hopefully I can stop being lazy long enough to do useful things for your pw.

I decided to stop complimenting. The first one sucks.

Thank you all for your comments. Even your’s Spoon.
I’ll keep trying to further my server.

I would love your help Rogue. :smiley:

Anyone’s help for that matter!
Also remember to head over to my post that gives more information on my server’s details. Please feel free to leave comments. :smiley:

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