A server I’m working on.

Build, dig, create, socialize…

The levels should save even when the server goes offline, so, yay, super fun.

Great job, Downsider! Something creative and new to Graal. And it’s fun!

ya me and Spooon made gardens and stuff together <3

Also, if anybody’s willing, there’s a shitload of space to fill up on the tileset. It’s fast and easy to make a tile; just make it 8x8, then expand it to 32x32. Making an 8x8 tile is very easy. Having good ideas for tiles that will cohesively work together is not.

Also going to have a currency system (Gold, will be placed in places underground and have to be mined out), allow players to warp to each other so they can work together, and hats. Hats will be hidden underground in hidden places, perhaps even with a small platforming segment before it. Currency can be spent on additional tiles, or, if you rack up a large sum of money, purchasing a level on the map that nobody else can edit.

The world is 10x10 levels large, and I don’t plan on expanding it until absolutely nessecary.

Also looking for a host willing to run a modified GServer with some of my own triggerhacks 24/7.

That does look pretty cool. Unfortunately, like all of your other projects, I am never going to be able to see it because you only put it up when I’m not looking online.

Haha. I was on it last night. It was fun.

This could be fun. Keep up the good work.


Where is this server? I would enjoy playing it lol.

Me too.

Whoever’s hosting Downsider Dev (I think it’s Joey, isn’t it? I can’t remember) can host this 24/7 if they’re willing to host a modified GServer…

Looks awesome id love to try it out!

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I could host it on my alternative computer possibly 24/7 if my computer doesnt crap out contact me on msn k?