Wow, finally moved my new computer

I’m very glad I don’t have to visit these forums with my cellphone’s browser anymore. Every smallest messages looked like a slab of text and my replies took so much time and had so much typos.
So yeah!
I finally can contribute to whatever’s going on here.

From what I have seen, interest has been shown once again to rebirth Graal. With a new tool that is Downsider’s complete GS1 parser and stuff.
I was wondering for the last couple weeks whether if we have a team?

I can participate in making levels from time to time. Welcome back from the wilderness, by the way.

We need another forum admin

Heck, why not… although I’ll need explanations on what I should do. I rarely/never see anything I would have moderated.

not a mod. an admin. also you would be required to figure it out by yourself and also expected to not reveal database passwords like yenairo did that one time.

Would I have access to the forum’s source code? If yes, is there a copy we can tinker with? I’d like to make my GS1 script highlighter project happen someday.

Fuck off Hosler, stop bringing that shit up. Who the fuck puts the passwords in a package where I am ONLY supposed to be designing the CSS for? Why the fuck would I need to have the site talk to the database. You fucked up, and I warned you sufficiently beforehand that I didn’t know what I was doing.

What, is there some easy to trip on button revealing the account credentials?

More like, I didn’t know that my copy had any of the database credentials in it, and then I shared the package to the public to get their opinion. I was told to simply design the site, not fix behaviour issues with the database. There was no reason for me to have that level of information.

If there’s anything I should be happy about, it might be that hosler thought I was capable enough to not fuck that up. It’s like trusting a toddler with a hammer though.

edit2: I still don’t know why Hosler wants a second admin, to this date. He was extremely vague about a lot of things and might even just shove all the work onto someone else, honestly. It’s not like I got the impression there was a plan or even that he knew what he was doing.

make me admin

Damn chill out

We need another admin because I’m not always online to fix stuff.

Why would you even bring that shit up? It had no relevance to your post at all except to single me out as a person who wouldn’t be suited for the job. No chill at all. Let bygones be bygones.

Actually, it made me conscious of a particular bad mistake I now know how to avoid.

I’ll be admin

So, am I an admin?

no I am

Dylan is admin

Dusty predicted this.

I don’t get why but ok.