Very costly, but I heard very good things about them though.

Looks like they’re selling fan-hacked ROMs at high prices (Because those games on the front page were never released in English).
They probably buy some cheap SNES cartridge then use a writer on it.

Its nice they’re selling, extremely rare games, but I doubt they’re legit.
Basically they’re selling bootlegged games at extremely high prices (probably to seem more legit)’

Yep, just as I figured, they have an EPROM tool.

Nothing like Spending 60 bucks on a unpaid fan translation project just because it comes with a case and a sticker on it.

Pity, but I suppose if you really wanted to spend a large amount of money just to play an SNES game that you’ll probably never find then I guess that’s the only good side. Even if it is a bootleg.

You can buy a SNES cartridge that supports memory-sticks that you can stick roms in and play any SNES game you like. Just as good as a bootleg if not better.

That site even sells converters to use your retro controllers with your computer:

I would pay for a retro controller converter O.o if I had the $ but I use a “turbo render” feature during slow parts of games

It isn’t that hard to keep your keyboard near to reach the frame-skip button on the keyboard. :stuck_out_tongue: