Wtf did I do wrong?

Like really,What the hell.
How can I fix this?

It seems to be locked into updating your gani into a walking one, do you have a idle gani set?

Personally, I like it :smiley:

Thanks :slight_smile: well it should automaticly goto idle.gani when im done walking.

if (playerenters) { toweapons -Zwalk; } if (hasweapon || strequals(#m,walk)) { setani Zephyrwalkbycaleb,; }

err… replaceani walk,Zephyrwalkbycaleb;
it’s either that or replaceani Zephyrwalkbycaleb,walk;

Give that shit a whirl Michael Jackson.

lol this is funny shit

Im not Einstien unlike all you aussies >.>

shut the bombo rass clat up.

awwww dont worry babe,everythings gunna be alrite.

no bring up dis bomboclat unless ya want meh to talk like dis? I neva tink so.


hey i got an idea, spend less time on these forums and get some work done for once!


No, retards are the only stupid on these forums. Everyone else is equal except for the Admins and the Mods. Oh and Downsider because he is just as good as Beholder if not better at GS1.

Ohai btw my video for the server might take a while because:

#1:I wanna finish making some stuff first.
#2: Editing…
#3: Uploading to youtube,that always seems to take awhile.