My roomate just body slammed my laptop.

Teach him a lesson.

It was an accident, but I got loud and had my fists up for a second. I was just fucking with him though. My laptop is a sturdy mother fucker. lol he got so red in the face from shame and embarassment.

You should still whack him.

How does someone “accidentally” body slam a laptop?
I lived with room mates myself from 2006 to 2008 it was college managed housing where people were assigned with each other at random with little choice. Some were cool people, and some were not. The people I liked most were the American computer guys, the Japanese guy, the Turkish guy and most of the other people were okay except for the jews and the french guy sucked big time. Needless to say when I got some French guy named “Louise” I moved out less than a month later. I am not racist against all french people, but this guy was just the stereotypical “le douche” he threw garbage every where, never cleaned up after himself or chipped in in any way, and would not pay his share of the bills I also swear I saw him talking to some old French guy on skype that looked identical to Unixmad so I was just like “le no”.

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