Oh, sorry we don’t have any GP’s. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you want… its your choice.

Can you come on it?

I was on Xeno and was immediately jailed. I used unstick me to get out, but still. I didn’t do anything to be jailed.

I was jailed for pointing out tile mistakes and it was classified as “harrassing another person’s work” that literally made me lol

You should really control your staff Benzy, if there jailing everyone no one will want to play your server.

Benzy, I would just hire yourself for the moment, an interview would be a good idea for anyone who is hiring staff. That way you can pull up the best LAT (OR GFX OR GP OR NAT OR ET, OR WHATEVER) of the corrupt bunch and tell the rest to take the long road.

I just need help. :o