XOne Old School Server - Nishoku

Hello peoples,

I’m Nishoku, made XOne online a very long time ago. Just downloaded this reborn package to try to edit my old server.

Does anyone remember me?
Does anyone have any of my old server files?

I searched the Ultimate Graal DVD. The closest thing I could find was “X-Online”. The only referenced names I found on it were Lycia and Karu.

i remember you

I don’t but good luck on ur server

I will say, it’s quite old school, pre 2001.
But I don’t think I played there much, if the server was ever duplicated I might recognize some levels or something. But I played Dolphonia and Graal3000 during those times before they both got shut down :stuck_out_tongue:

I remember XOne and enjoyed it…but I dont have any files. Sorry.

If I played it and saw some of it’s levels on another server I’d know! I’m really good at cracking down on stolen levels as Beholder and Saputo know. (And Xero for stealing the levels >;D)

I managed to dig up some levels from an old hard drive in my closet. They are out of date, and I dont have any of the NPC images =/… Here are some screen shots.

First image reminds me of Sanstrata. lol

Someone copy my server ;o! :wink:

If you email me your server then I will try and give you the images, I should have most of them unless they were custom made. Up to you if you want me to put on my DVD or not, will respect your wishes (but good for backup purposes ;))

[email protected]

This is a legit offer since I have a tool to find missing images and copy them into a folder and I have a shitload of webgifs (42,112 files, 232 MB) which will be released on v2 of my DVD whenever I get around to ‘finishing’ it.

Is that tool in ur DVD agret?

Probably not. It has nothing to do with Graal.

It’s probably my image search tool:

Yep, that’s the one.

If I remember correctly you guys had a cool we mining system for the time and a theater. Also a custom GUI.

Wait, did a playerworld called Cynical have levels like these? I swear I remember that place.

I have a copy of all the XOne levels. I’ll be able to upload them tomorrow, maybe.

Make your own server.

I must have lost my copy or never saved it when I was staff there, sorry.