Xoria :p

The Xoria download link has expired finally, anybody have a backup I could see, need to see Urza’s levels for the triggerhack examples he has on there >:o

I can show you examples.

What’s a Xoria?

I think it’s a brand of tampon.


i don’t believe that there were any triggerhack examples that you can’t get from one of downsider’s threads…

I get how to use Triggerhacks, but I don’t get where to put the text files, I’ve tried but so far it doesn’t call correct and I saw you doing something like that in your test level when I looked at the packet :o

But yeahyeah, I’ll take examples if you don’t mind Downsider ahha :slight_smile:

In your test level when I looked at the packet whaaaa…?

The Xoria movement packet?

i guess that’s what he means

I don’t mean that at all :stuck_out_tongue:

If I wanted to look at the movement I would just go look at the forum release. :stuck_out_tongue:

I mean in Urza’s folder in the Xoria Packet, it contains levels that have “triggerhacks” that are being used, and I want to see how they work, or even know. xd

I’m a person who likes to learn about stuff o;

So, Teach me.

O_o they do?

___Merged doublepost__________________

oh, i see…

Learn by yourself.