Yet another pathetic Unixmad threat!

It seems Unixmad is “faded up” with me telling the truth about him!
He also does not care that information is NOT defamation when it is true and my content is protected by 1st Amendment of the United States Constitution and 47 USC § 230.
I WILL NOT TAKE DOWN ANYTHING. I WILL POST ALL THREATS AND INFORMATION PUBLICLY. P.S. if Stephane really comes to the U.S. and presses this issue I have dozens of civil and criminal charges waiting for him. I have done nothing wrong and will always stand behind freedom and truth.

it’s civil and not criminal. so police won’t get involved. this is supreme court stuff, and i bet they wouldnt give two shits about this.

“For the avoidance of doubt, I remind you that French Courts have jurisdiction as soon as a criminal offence is committed against a French citizen.” - LOL yeah right

According to google, there really are lawyers over there… seems like they are spending the little graal for iPad money they make on real lawyers… what a loss. They should be paying their benevolent developers instead.

I updated my page with the info.
I honestly doubt anything will happen. But if it does I know I am legally in the right. I am ready to defend and fight these bastards and in fact would welcome it. Stephane and his minions have done so many civil and criminal acts within the United States that I will have him legally tore apart should he choose to ever enter the United States which I am certain he will never do. Also Robert Karpeles, Dave Taylor, WikiMedia and several others are waiting to legally tear him a new one. He will hide in France and limit himself to nasty threats and attacks.

they might try to hack you. they tried to get me after i ignored their “lawyer’s” email.

I am actually expecting that. I have a good router and the machine the server is on is firewalled and currently only port 80 is open to anyone any other connection attempts will run into a brick wall. What I expect is some attempt at a purely bandwidth DDOS or something with IGMP packets, which I have actually seen and weathered before. I got a fairly good fiber connection and some decent hardware. I’m not worried and my body is ready!

i would go ahead and block all french ips.

I don’t remember graal asking for people to pay before the arrival of graal gold O_o.
Pachuka’s mail was a fun read, changes my view on graal, thanks man.

If my site is down it is not because Unixmad took it down. I am installing some updates, checking security stuff and making sure everything is tight. When I rebooted the volume was somehow corrupted probably because that server was running continuously without reboot for over a year “not caused by stephane or other hackers” so I am running complete scans and repairs on the drives. Don’t worry all data is backed up on external hard disk, flash drive, CF, and DVD. The site will be back up in a few hours at most and will be even more air tite than it was before.

Another wild ride. The last time I dealt with anything concerning Unixmad was the wikipedia article deletion fiasco, so my condolences on dealing with the senseless man.

Maintenance on my server boxes is complete and the site has been back up for awhile. “downtime was only about 3 hours” France, Germany and some other IPs are now blocked including the whole class A of 82...* 194...* 217...* 10...* 87.106.. and some others.

Haha I was there and I remember it well I was Wikipedia user Vipercat. The details of which are also included in the Exposing Unixmad page scroll down about 3/4ths of the way and you’ll see it.

The reason that I nominated this, as well as the above reasons, was that I believe that this article is unfixable. Because of GraalOnline’s staunch opposition (harrsasing phone calls to Wikimedia Corp, which Brad Patrick described to me as: “That’s how [this issue] was brought to my attention, that and the harassing phone calls from the crazy Frenchman.”) to anything added which doesn’t have a positive connotation and serve as an advertisment, there will never be a NPOV on this page, unless GraalOnline corporation members are prevented from removing material. I would accept this resolution (GO staff being banned from removing material) as an alternate to deleting it, but if that isn’t possible, delete it will be. Killfest2—Daniel 07:12, 1 August 2006 (UTC)

I was Kuribo. I mostly posted on the original article’s talk page, I believe. I can see a couple of my posts on the deletion discussion page though. I think at that point I was trying to just keep the article up, albeit gimped without much of a criticism section and just some points about the game. I do remember Unixmad trying to lie about active accounts, trying to say he had over a million registered members and they were active. At the time, Graal was P2P if I remember right, and no more than… maybe 1500 accounts were active? I think one of the killing blows for the article was that it wasn’t notable. I think in some ways they were right, but I still think it’s notable enough to get a small article given its past activities. The only problem is that all sources would’ve been first party (from the site itself) or from forums, which they don’t take. There really isn’t a whole lot of publications that talk about Graal simply because Unixmad didn’t do anything with the game. Nothing helpful at least.

And the other killing blow? Unixmad went on his threats to sue as usual, so using lack of notability as a means to an end they pretty much just sealed that case forever.

GG Unixmad

That Wikipedia article is hilarious

Nice site Goatse, I was actually going to say something before but thanks for keeping the site up and updated. Even though I’m a old old old graal player developer, I learned a lot of new graal atrocities on your site.

Was wondering, did you include the fact that Eurocenter actually ported to ipad and made profit off a game they didn’t even develop. The original developer who actually was the one who developed the game made a blog in which they describe their dealings with unixmad. What was really despicable is the fact that the originally developer was trying to negotiate a deal with Unixmad so he could make some money off the game he made, I believe Unix would have none of that (I’m not surprised).

I also believe a user called Gambit found out Unixmad charged Americans more than Europeans for a graal P2P account. Unixmad apparently knew about this and tried to silence Gambit from saying anything. Since not a lot of people know off hand how much the European dollar is compared to the american dollar and vice versa, I guess Unixmad thought he could get away with it. I could go on about Unixmad business practices not being remotely ethical and the abominable intimidation tactics he uses to attempt to coerce people into keeping silent.

Supreme Court? Nope. Federal? Sure.

One of the guys Unixmad ripped off was Dave Taylor and the rest of the developers of the original abuse team. That story is also on my site around the bottom of the page. Unixmad’s opinion is that anything made a decade ago or older can automatically be taken by him and sold commercially for profit and it’s somehow okay because he’s French and normal rules, laws and morality do not apply to him.

This is simply a civil matter even if he bothered to do anything than send internet threats. I am 100% in the right since everything I have said is documented and true with hundreds of documents, links and witnesses. Plus there is the 1st Amendment, 47 USC § 230, and other laws protecting free speech of U.S. citizens from foreign despot nations such as France or Nigeria. You don’t see the better business bureau, the ripoff report, the scam baiters, yelp or any other free speech site being “criminally charged in France” for saying things no matter how harsh. I’m sure Kim Jong Un would chop someones hands off and imprison them for saying he has a tiny penis but the U.S. would not extradite one of their citizens to him for that to happen. Typically U.S. and Common-law has to be fair, reasonable and make sense. I took a legal200 class as an elective in College in 2007, whereas Unixmad has only finished French high-school and knows about stealing and snorting coke. Some invalid crackerjack “internet attorney” that sends glittery colorful PDF files does not impress or intimidate me in the slightest.

Hey Goatse I reread that guys blog apparently you will give the e-mail correspondence between Unix and him out to any news organization, maybe if you contact him and show him your site he will give a those e-mails and maybe he will make another response to this for your site as well. I was thinking you may want to archive the blog as well as anything else on the site itself rather than link to it offsite, as to archive the information in case anything happens to the offsite information.

Original Dev of Abuse said to e-mail for e-mail logs.
Happy to forward a copy of all the actual emails to a professional journalist who would like some of the source material he’s drawing from if this is deemed newsworthy, but that’s not the neat part to me.

Also did not know the Eurocenters abuse game was on and that the original developer posted on there (under the name ddt) basically calling Unix and bomber out as well as saying this game is a knock off, as he originally made the original game.

dtt on stolen abuse game

Bombers response

Abuse Classic game

Abuse classic touch arcade topic

Dave Taylor Presents “How to Ship a Game in a Week”

I also didn’t know Unixmad purchased a domain at which links to a blog that is only made to respond to the original abuse developers blog. I read the blog and have read Unixmad argument, though I completely disagree as Eurocenter is in the wrong. Unixmad is correct that the game is open source however that does not give him the right to SELL the game at any venue without agreement from the original developers. If Eurocenter had released the game for free I doubt there would of been a problem but since they profited from it that’s where problems arise, as the original developer has the right to profit off of his work if it’s being sold.

Dave Taylor is a great example of what a producer and developer should be. He is happy, human, humble, down to earth, brilliant, friendly, funny and many more positive things. If only Stefan Knorr chose to team up with someone like him in 1998 instead of a Unixmad… Then things would’ve be so much better and different. Stefan and the other developers would be making lots more money, everyone would be happier, there would be more products of a higher quality that players actually enjoy and the user base would be at least 10 times what it is now… As it stands “Eurocenter” is only interested in slapping garbage together for the sole intent of cashcowing, they don’t care if the suckers that bought it enjoy their products or not as they already took their money. The Eurocenter business model is ripping off people that pass by on their iPhones and know nothing about them instead of keeping a long term player base that are happy repeat customers. Stephane’s mindset is that there are over 7 billion people on the Earth, who needs anyone to be happy and stick around when there are so many others to take money from?
I definitely intend to contact Dave about more info regarding the Abuse theft. I’ll also try to get in touch with some others such as PACHUKA and MagicalTux. I do realize these people are super busy and have real lives though so it might take some time.

I also found another video of Dave being awesome!

Instead of just documenting how horrible Unixmad and Eurocenter is I think I will also make a tribute page documenting how awesome Dave Taylor and other real developers are. Seeing how awesome and positive Dave, the students and other developers are really paints a huge contrast over just how awful Stephane and other sleazy profiteers are.

Actually as Dave Taylor isn’t as bad as Unixmad, I do have criticism with this guy as well. As I’ve checked out a lot of Dave’s games they seem to be quick nickle and dime games nowdays that are often overpriced and can’t compete with the current game market (excluding quake and doom). His main problem is the fact that he can’t compete with the way he is currently pricing his games with other games, he needs to drop the price to $0.99 like the rest so he’s able to compete. He priced Abuse Classic at $2.99, when Eurocenter only charged $0.99 for in someways a better made ported knockoff. Dave seems not to be following the market trends within his own industry . Economics is economics no matter what industry your in.

I’m not trying to underrate Dave for the pricing of Abuse, as he can do what he wants but I got the feeling that he wasn’t going to be actively be doing updates or communicating with the community on how to improve Abuse better like Eurocenter was doing (which after looking back, my feelings were correct). His game money model seems to fit the early to mid nineties but that’s not how things are done today. Also the way he produces and pumps out titles seems weird. He thought the title “Werejew” made by a student in his class was a good game title name… I’m not much of a gamer (mostly steam gaming every now and then, and of course graal as a player developer) but in a lot of ways I feel Dave is out of touch as to what actually is a good game, as well as he’s out of touch with the economics of the gaming industry. I do agree with one main principal Dave taught which is getting the job done and getting your product out into the market, as that is the most important thing and can be applied to any industry your in when money is involved. Dave’s business ethics are pretty good as he knew not to screw over people in his business.

My thoughts on Eurocenter is that they did good in reviving a old game, but at the expense of profiting off someone else’s work that was at this point originally intended to be free and open source. There is no way Dave or anybody else could of known that a decade later tablets and cells would re-popularize classic retro gaming, and at that his game was basically used to make profit for somebody else with no return profit to Dave. Eurocenter did not get permission to start making money off the game, so Dave was right to come after Eurocenter and claim the rights to his game. Eurocenters is a bizarro gaming company which consists of mainly two people, it’s structure is more like a crime syndicate type of structure when it comes to it’s model and ethics; Part of Eurocenters model and ethics is strictly into swindling game/software developers by profiting off their work without giving them any compensation for it.

Abuse got abused, oh the irony.