Yet another "Cannot connect" thread

OK, you guys get the drill, but here’s the thing, I click on the link to change password yet the notice stays there and I can’t log in. It’s the usual “Username/Password is invalid” error. Can anyone be of any help? :suicide:!pissed!

What? Just type it in. I have my Graal Online account and Graal Reborn account in the drop down list on both clients. It’s because Graal Online still uses the same regestry shit it always has.

___Merged doublepost__________________

If that’s not your problem then I don’t know what the hell you are talking about.

the notice don’t go away , its always there . be sure your account and password are spelled properly with the appropriate capitalization .


What happened to my posts in between Falzar and Spooon? It’s like they don’t exist!

your post was deleted because his problem had nothing to do with a playerworld password , its his account and password . the playerworld password only effects your server name not having (unofficial) and which tab it shows on the serverlist . this is why some post shouldn’t be deleted , cause people come back making more post’s about where their other post went .

Tell it to the admin who deleted the post. yawn

Oh fine. >: (
I thought it was relevant.

O_o, it doesn’t accept his password??

a) did you set the password for your client account? or just the one for the forums?

Fuck you. >: ( I said the same thing, and they didn’t want it to be said…

You aren’t cool enough to say it?

Im not cool enough to help?

notice the part where he say’s he clicked on the link to change his password . so we can assume he did change the password creating the account for the list server . no yenairo , you said the PLAYERWORLD password not account password , there is a difference . it’s not that anyone didn’t want it to be said , its the fact that he said he did change the password and still had a problem but you posted about something completely different and didn’t bother to read the post or you would have realized that he did do this step . seeing that he has not posted about it again we can assume the issue is resolved and put an end to this . i now see why spoon gets all annoyed with stupidity on the forums . No offense urza .

I’m pretty sure he got on. His hello thread said he went on and didn’t see any people online.