Yet another useless BlazeFiya thread

Fucking dare you.


You really think any of us are gonna be disturbed by pony porn?

You’re stupid!

Got the same thing lol

If you want to read a thread by Blaze that’s not retarded you’re gonna have a bad time

Actually i’d have a nice time not getting mad…


everyone on this fourm thinks theyre sooo smart and witty you guys slay me

im smart

I don’t give a shit if people think I’m witty (or stupid for that matter), I have friends here and that’s all that counts, right?

google black dress socks
Do not post adult related material or links to adult related material. -Riley

hi riley - mirage

fak u


This is coming from the 12 year old with the obsession with MLP.

Get a new obsession before you pick on anyone.

I’m 14 and none of my friends care I like MLP. Sure they make fun of me sometimes, but I deal with it by making their day worse. Meh. They spit on me I spit on them. Just saying.

Don’t encourage


Doesn’t that make you feel like there is no point? There’s no point to your obsession, there’s no point to you spitting on the people. You’re a blemish on the earth, you have no significance other than to be a mar to the face of humanity. In fact the spite makes you a bad person.

Evil kid.

I’m okay with him embracing mlp, but if derpboi27 posts again i swear to god

i mean

i was a hella annoying furry at 12 so blaze just reminds me of me
something good might come outta him idk

but there is no hope for derpy

anyhow i fuckin love suits and dress clothes and that old man is hot let me rub his dress socks!!

post post post