Hey any of the old school graal players around here? It’s been a LOOOONG time now. Well if so post and let me know.

  • Shiro (yes the original don’t get me started on how the cookie monster thing started… )

Shiro sounds familiar.

Unholy Paladin, Shiro?

yea i do think i remember you shiro. a long time ago i used to be EscapeArtist but i’ve been Boston for longest. and i think i know unholy paladin too. :stuck_out_tongue:

I been Dontar since 1.41 (real 1.41)

you may have seen me roaming the only server as Dontar {SeeD} {Balamb Garden} before becoming Dontar (SeeD)

Final Fantasy VIII is lame.

I didn’t get my name from FF… actually I got it from Suikoden. I mostly played classic… well it wasn’t classic then since it was the only game they had. I think we need to track down some of the chill family and have some fun haha

he was referring to the {Balamb Garden} in the non-official tag they put before SeeD became an official global guild.

Haha I used to roam around with

Pharaoh {BlaCkSeeD}

a fake little guild with an unoriginal name and 7 13 year olds

7-13?! omfg I’d go insane!

Loli :open_mouth:

SeeD had a guildhouse on almost every server…cept Delteria, that was Hunter territory…

with hard-on’s?

Maybe. :o


well at least i know i’m safe ;D i’m like twice 13.

I just had a serious flashback of seeing a ‘Dontar {SeeD}’ on one of the old official Graal servers. Maybe Elven Lands or Unholy Nation (before it all went p2p). Hell, it might even of been Dolphonia (and damn, was that awhile ago now.) I really can’t remember.

couldnt of been with {SeeD} fake tag, SeeD was global before any other server came to be, hell before the serverlist came to be.

maybe if we get a good enough population to warrent global guilds, I will resurrect SeeD as a global guild, for now, Ill just resurrect it on my server.