Forum admin should delete that account, and ban it from creation. Could allow that person to logon to servers that havent deleted the YOURACCOUNT file. Just saying…

Its been done/locked. lol

Alternatively, if someones gonna run a gserver, they should be smart enough to delete that file after you’ve made your own account with the same rights.

Hell, when I put up classic i just renamed YOURACCOUNT to kalzor.

Which is in the instructions.

lol, it is we that have registered those accounts…

and a bunch more is ours. Did you really think we would’ve missed that by now? lol

haven’t you heard? instructions are for NERDS!

(Fairly Odd Parants reference when Timmy went back and got deed back for dimsdale flats western town (was hidden in instructions book for computer))

oh mann fairly odd parents =) …aha

Catholic’s hate Fairly Odd Parents more than Invader Zim for some reason.

lol i figured youd have done that, im just saying…some people DONT read sometimes, and some people dont FULLY read. Therefore they could have missed the remove afterwards part

O.o it’s common sense. “Oh. Maybe I should replace this with my account.”