Youtube changes and Google+ Sucks!

So how much bad design and user alienating can google possibly do?

This guy has over 300k views. I will say that all the barrack obama spam is mildly amusing…

Yer… I hate youtube’s new changes. Pain in the ass.

one of my friends on another board is a Google employee. Even he hates it.

Merging youtube with Google+ could have been a good thing if Google+ wasn’t such a mess already. There’s a reason most people don’t use it. :confused:

I never commented on youtube videos to begin with because it was a cesspool. this is just even more of a reason to not participate in the community.

I haven’t even noticed any change

i use youtube to watch videos so all of these changes are just meh, dont care

Just noticed the original version of the video has 1,000,000 views. Why did you post a mirror?

I guess he was afraid the original would have been removed (as stated as a possibility in the video).

You haven’t gotten the “Wanna merge your Youtube account with Google+ and use your real name instead of your youtube alias” bullshit?

Not yet