Well maybe it’s more than time that I present myself…

My three-dot style, seems to have remind of someone else…

Anyway, my real name is Paul Dufresne.

I am 40, and I am basically erring in life without a job.
I did study in computer science, around 1994 and 2001.

I have spend a good part of my life lurking projects around operating systems and programming languages. Like, when it was still an active project.

My latest project is (or should I say was as I don’t work on it for quite a time now) … Most of the time I do not finish the projects I begin, and go from one to an other. I have been relatively active on Ubuntu bug squad. I tend to be angry at how programmers mix new features and bug corrections in a new version. I think that quality of code would be better if people would use darcs as a revision system, since then it would be easier for them to keep old versions, with all the new bug corrections… but I guess I am beginning to get off-topic.

Haha, little late to be posting in here, but nice to have you with us

You’ll fit right in…

Welcome :slight_smile:

Our new oldest member.

Who was our oldest member? I hope it wasn’t me. :ohdear:

i thought spoon was this really old guy who went senile and started posting on these forums when i first got here. Zartox, welcome

No, I don’t think Mods/Admins count :\

I was afraid that could be the case.

Didn’t I take you once for a head cold…?

Haha Zartox:Zatox…

I came to Graal Reborn because of Lojban

Maybe I should say how I came to this project. I was reading on the constructed language Lojban’s mailing list, someone saying that we could group in Second Life to talk (trying to talk in Lojban, even if few are able), but then again, maybe Graal Reborn would be better because it use less ressources. Having played with Second Life (and knowing that there were no way I could play ‘reasonably’ with a 56k modem), I began to try it… then only I began to see that it was some kind of ‘fork’ of Graal Online, that I had never heard of. Although I did have played a bit of RuneScape in the past. But for me, Graal Reborn remind me more Final Fantasy I and II that I was playing on original Nintendo.

I take offence to that.

Graal is a Link to the Past clone, not FF1/2 clone…

Yes but FF1/2 are similar enough to make the point.

Also Runescape was my life before it went to shit like Graal Online

Either way it’s great that you’re here! I think.

runescape is my second life(the one I never had)