Zolderon PW

I’ve been working on Zolderon again starting yesterday. I’ve been addressing bugs and adding more content to the empty levels of the overworld (which is still 4 levels, five if you include Noob709’s house).

- Fixed Content -
— Re-made all scripts on server
— Adjusted ore frequency
— Adjusted mining EXP gain
— Changed selling prices of ore
— Changed buying price of pickaxe
— ‘-zold_sys’ is now ‘*MusicSys’ and shows comamnds when fired
— Re-made the Warp Ring script for better use
— Fixed minimap and bigmap
— Fixed overworld viewing (seeing players in other levels)

- New content -
— I added a road.
— Added a few towns folk NPCs. They gossip and walk around.
— Added new music from SaGa Frontier II


If you do that first next time…

you can have these.

I wasn’t home when I posted.

Fine, no biscuits for you though.
All for me munch munch
cough cough ew they are stale! cough dies

nice spooon, are you ever going to make it more than 4(/5) levels?

those looked like doggy treats…

Put some chronotrigger songs.

That server is like orgasm-sauce Spooon, I love it!
Though I am like lvl 6 in mining xD

I was on. Its pretty good. I like the Gfx.

Thank Shiny for those.

“The Zolderon tile set is better than the classic tile set.”
~Captain Obvious.

Because it’s uh… obviously better.

Who Are You.


I think a better question would be what am I.

I was armed and ready, till I realized you weren’t opshon :[


I like Zolderon a lot.

If Shiney ever completed the tileset I would replace classics with it in less than 0.0005 seconds